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DhiWise vs Codelessly Figma Plugin: Choose the Right One to Elevate Your Design to Code Experience

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June 12, 2023


June 12, 2023

The blog compares DhiWise vs Codelessly Figma plugins based on their key features and capabilities. By the end, you'll have a better understanding of which plugin is the right choice to elevate your design to code experience.

However, before diving deeper into the comparison let's have a brief introduction to DhiWise and Codelessly tools.  

An Overview of DhiWise and Codelessly Tools


DhiWise is a web and mobile app development platform that focuses on reducing monotonous tasks in application development and improving developers' efficiency for clean code generation. The platform currently supports the most popular technologies which include React, Flutter, Kotlin (Android), and SwiftUI (iOS). 

The platform provides advanced features such as auto component identification, design-to-code generation, Figma synchronization, API integration, UI customization, and so on to make the process of app building an effortless and efficient task.

Developers who simply want to use the design-to-code functionality of DhiWise can use its Figma-to-Code plugin that converts Figma design to React, Flutter, Kotlin, and SwiftUI code. And in the case, users don’t have their design ready DhiWise offers ready-to-use design templates and screen libraries.


Codelessly is a design and development automation company with the goal to shorten the product creation process from months to hours. It provides the Figma design to the Flutter code converter tool that is currently accessible through its Figma plugin. The plugin claims to convert Figma design to working apps and websites. 

Now you know about both the platforms and their plugins, now let’s explore more about their key feature differences. 

Features DhiWise Locofy
Supported technologies for design-to-code conversion React, Flutter, Kotlin (Android), SwiftUI (iOS) Flutter
Provides ready-to-use app templates and screen libraries Yes No
Need the design to be formatted as autolayout for accuracy No No
UI Customization support The platform provides UI customization support, you can set up actions, navigation, integrate API, and a lot more. Claims to offer customization capabilities but yet the product still needs to be fully launched with the features.
Supports clean code architecture Yes No
Auto identifies components and icons with higher accuracy Yes No
Customer support and community 24/7 customer support, clear and concise user documentation, and a large DhiWise community of Flutter and React developers Lack of customer support and documentation
Pricing DhiWise is free to use in its Beta version Codelessly is free to use

From the above feature comparison, we can conclude that DhiWise Figma to code plugin is way more powerful than Codelesely which has yet not fully launched with its features. DhiWise plugin is accessible from the Figma community and is easy to use.

Moreover, the code generated with the plugin has high quality and it is customizable on the DhiWise or any other IDE. On top of that the platform provides ready-to-use templates for Flutter mobile apps and React websites for a variety of use cases, so if you don't have your design ready you can quickly start from these pre-built templates.

So, what do you think?

Start using DhiWise Figma to Code plugin for lightning-fast app development

DhiWise Figma to Code plugin excels in automated component identification, code accuracy, design consistency, collaboration, and flexibility for UI customization compared to Codelessly. Additionally, that platform provides a dedicated Flutter Builder for mobile application development.

DhiWise Flutter Builder not only converts Figma Design to Flutter Code but also allows UI customization such as, setting up actions, navigation, API integration, adding constant files, Preview and syncing design changes, and Figma synchronization.

The app builder also supports state management libraries GetX, Provider, Riverpod, and BLoC allowing you to build your code with your preferred state management library. Further to simplify the code collaboration and sharing it provides an integration with GitHub and GitLab tools.

Well, now you know what truly elevates your design-to-code experience, resulting in faster and more efficient code generation and further customization.

So, what are you still waiting for, sign up now and start your app development journey today!

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