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How the Golden Kitty Award by Product Hunt landed us in Metaverse and gave us our own NFT!


Rahul Shingala | CTO, DhiWise

March 22, 2022

Rahul Shingala | CTO, DhiWise

March 22, 2022

“The Path to Greatness is along with others”- Baltasar Gracian

Technology is a lot more than just a buzzword. It’s the reality that we currently inhabit. And application development is one integral part of this reality. Modern-day organizations are always competing to get the first application, first feature, or rather the first of everything out in the market. Yet, some fall short as they follow the same old approach to building: Coding from the Scratch.

And this recurring development bottleneck is what facilitated the creation of DhiWise—currently an all-inclusive app development platform. But this post isn’t about our offerings, innovations, or disruption. Instead, we want to talk about one of our greatest achievements—two in fact—with both involving Product Hunt—a reputed American tech product and resource curation platform.


The Road to Product Hunt Listing

Being one of the best ‘new’ products in tech wasn’t easy. Despite the initial roadblocks, DhiWise finally made it to the featured list of fresh products launched that day in the global arena six months back (on the 29th of September 2021). Hunted by the top Product Hunter, Kevin William David, our entry into the big league was one of our few cherishable wins.

Empowered by the native, web-specific, backend, and cross-platform tech stacks, we announced our arrival in a space already populated by the likes of Bravo Studio, Anima App, FlutterFlow, and more.

Each of the competing tools and resources showcased innovation like never before. But we didn’t feel out of place, even for once. With a comprehensive SaaS resource stack—including the Android, iOS, Flutter, Laravel, React, and Node.js builders, we announced our arrival and made every bit of developer faith count.

Listing and beyond

Once DhiWise was listed on Product Hunt, we kept innovating, with the Figma-to-code Plugin, Android PxtoDpConverter being the latest inclusions. Since our much-anticipated listing on the Product Hunt platform, we have worked tirelessly towards adding new features like the Logic Builder, Dual app conversion, Supabase Integration, Firebase Integration, and more to keep our loyal user base indulged and always one step ahead of the competition. 

The Sweet Taste of Win

The listing motivated us to do better. Encouraged us to increase the reach of our product. And eventually, all of you (developers, customers, and stakeholders) joined hands to ensure that we won Product Hunt’s prestigious Golden Kitty Awards for the ‘Developer Tool of the Year’—an ‘Oscar’ equivalent recognition for tech products.


Announced on the 27th of January, 2022, in the ‘Golden Kitty Awards Ceremony 2021’, with Greg Isenberg and Sahil Bloom hosting the event, the unveiling came across as a giant boost. Since then, we have not missed out on any opportunity to make the product bigger, better, and broader.

Coming back to the day of reckoning, the celebrations didn’t stop with us winning the award. After the ceremony, we were invited to an afterparty in the Doge Temple Metaverse, where we interacted as our virtual avatars.

Yes. We were happy. Yet unsatisfied and raring to go farther. 

It was Worth the Wait

Just to reiterate—the road to the crown wasn’t easy. In fact, it was hard not to be disappointed when we landed a bit short on the first attempt. On the very day of the launch, we could only start at the 7th place despite having a lot of offerings to make. We ended up at 13th, without any sort of recognition. Difficult days, indeed!

Just when we were ready to revisit the drawing board, the nomination came across as a pleasant and motivating surprise. And the road from nomination to the win was cut short by our loving family of users, prospective DhiWise consumers, and every individual sharing our vision of a unified and clean approach towards coding.

While the nomination didn’t come as a surprise-surprise (we had massive confidence in our product), the win surely was a great achievement. With other fantastic tools like Railway, Notion API, and loomSDK being in contention, winning the award couldn’t have been more satisfying. 

P.S- And Guess What, the Recognition is an NFT now.

The Road Ahead

Product Hunt is known for listing the best tech products. And DhiWise finding a way in will always be a cherishable moment. Winning the famed Golden Kitty Award as the Developer Tool of the year, however, was more like a cherry on the top of our newfangled happiness of being listed. And the crown on our head pushes us to be more responsive, intuitive, and proactive with our offerings.

Since the 27th of January, here are some of the headways that we have been making:

  • Our Figma-to-Code plugin crossing 2000 downloads
  • On-going work to Reduce Time to Market by 50%
  • Figma-to-React support
  • Introduction of DhiWise Cloud
  • Conditional Flow
  • VS Code extension coming to Flutter builder

And these are just a handful. We would keep adding new features to the plate to keep our users invested and interested in us every day. 

The Golden Kitty Award is a power that we wield, and we all know that- “With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility.”