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How to convert your design to React code with DhiWise- A platform with multiple possibilities

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March 16, 2023


March 16, 2023
Figma, Adobe Xd, and Sketch

The article helps to find out answers to the following questions,👇

  1. How do I convert Figma to React code?
  2. How do I export from Adobe Xd to React?
  3. How do I export from Sketch to React?
  4. Which is the best Figma plugin for developers for design to code conversion?

Before answering the above question let's take a quick overview of DhiWise web builder platform and how it helps you to convert the design to React code.

An overview of DhiWise’s “Design to React” feature🎨→⚛️

DhiWise is a ProCode/LowCode app development platform that aims to empower developers by automating grunt tasks in app development. It facilitates the development of full-stack web and mobile applications by supporting multiple frontend and backend technologies.

DhiWise web app builder supports React.js technology and provides state-of-the-art features to accelerate the process of app development. Among them, one of the most important features for React developers is its Design to CodeConverter.

In general, DhiWise provides the same feature for its Android, iOS, and Flutter builder. However, here we will only discuss its web app development features for React.js developers. 

So, let's find out how DhiWise Design to Code converter helps developers to generate React.js code?

The platform offers the following “Design to React” conversion while having the full flexibility to React component customization. 

  • Figma to React code 
  • Adobe Xd to React code 
  • Sketch to React code

Besides that, it offers Figma to Code Plugin for developers who just want to convert their design in Figma, AdobeXd, or Sketch to React.js, Android, iOS, or Flutter code and want to build their app somewhere else. 

Now, you might be curious about how it works, so here is your answer.

1.How do I convert Figma to React code?

Prerequisites for converting Figma to React code with DhiWise
Follow the steps below to convert your design in Figma to React code.
  1. Log in to your DhiWise account.
  2. Create a new React application.
  3. Connect DhiWise with your Figma account. 
  4. Import your design from the Figma account using Figma file URL.
  5. Select the screens you want to use in your app to fetch the design resources and other interactions.
  6. After the resource fetching is done, start customizing your app screen components as per the application requirement. 
  7. Finally, click Build app to generate React.js code.

Take a look at the sample React.js app code generated with React web app builder.

Watch this Youtube video for detailed information.

👉 Convert your Figma design to React + setup navigation | full website

Also, visit our help document for any query related to Figma to React conversion

2.How do I export from Adobe Xd to React code?

If you have your design in Adobe Xd, you can convert it into a React code using DhiWise. Follow the steps below to import Adobe Xd design and convert it into React code.

  1. Create a new React application in the DhiWise.
  2. Choose Adobe Xd as your design.
  3. Drag and drop your design to the platform.
  4. Your AdobeXd design will be converted to Figma by DhiWise and mailed to your inbox. 
  5. Download your Figma design and upload it to the Figma account and then use the Figma file URL to import the design to DhiWise.
  6. Follow steps for converting Figma design to React code.

How do I export from Sketch to React code?

The steps for converting Sketch to React code are similar to the Adobe Xd to React conversion. Here you need to drag and drop your Sketch file and it is then automatically converted to Figma file by the DhiWise and mailed to your inbox.

To get the React code,

  1. Upload your converted Figma file to the Figma account.
  2. Import the Figma file from the Figma account to DhiWise using Figma URL
  3. Follow the steps for converting Figma to React code.

Get more information about DhiWise support for Adobe Xd and Sketch conversion to React from our help doc.

Which is the best Figma plugin for developers for design to code conversion? 🔌

On the Figma platform, you will find multiple Figma to code plugins but there is only one plugin that allows you to convert Figma design into React, Android, iOS, and Flutter code i.eDhiWise Figma to Code plugin.


Using the platform developers can customize their generated frontend code for actions, navigation, APIs, and more the platform offers flexibility to do so with its app builder. On top of that, unlike the other No-Code and Low-Code development platforms, DhiWise gives complete ownership of the generated source code to its developers.

Now, you have the answer to your common question about Figma to React conversion, the best available plugin for Figma to code, and how DhiWise helps you to get your Front-end code faster with its design-to-code feature. 

But do you think it's enough if you are working on a full-stack project with a large team of developers? 

Whatever we have discussed till now is just about one feature offered by DhiWise. There are many possibilities you can explore.

DhiWise- A platform with multiple possibilities😍

Now you have your front-end code ready but what about the backend integration and development?

DhiWise takes care of all your development requirements by supporting multiple front-end and back-end technologies such as React.js, Flutter, Kotlin, Swift, Laravel, and Node.js. So, developers can build their complete project using a single platform without going anywhere.

Read our article on Top Five Reasons to use React Node js for Web Application.

Another thing that makes it better than other platforms is its integration with the other developer's platforms such as GitHub and GitLab which simplify project management, sharing, and collaboration. Here are some of the notable features of DhiWise that make it unique from the other platforms.

DhiWise features:

  1. Faster development of web and mobile applications.
  2. Browser-based coding, no need to install IDEs on your system.
  3. Simplify app maintenance.
  4.  Secure development.
  5. Git integration.
  6. Support for multiple technologies and frameworks.
  7. Design to code support for React, Flutter, Android(Kotlin), and iOS(Swift).
  8. API integration and customization.
  9. Complete code view, sharing, and download.

The list goes on….

Dhiwise is here to empower developers with all its capabilities, it's time to unlock your coding potential and creativity, leave the rest for DhiWise. Give it a try and generate clean, testable, and scalable code, so you can keep your app up to date with minimum chaos during the development and maintenance phase. 

Sign up today to start building your next app!

Happy coding!😊

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