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Auto Action Setup: A fantastic boon for developers!


Nidhi Sorathiya | Engineering

August 22, 2022

Nidhi Sorathiya | Engineering

August 22, 2022

A feature worth having to save your precious time! DhiWise auto-sets actions in your design while you import app designs, and also auto-generates its related code with all the required dependencies. Yes, everything is handled right here!

DhiWise using its advanced identification algorithms auto-identifies all your design components and along with that, it identifies actions based on icon detection.

Design and place your icons wisely in screen designs to get accurate results in auto-action setup.

Back Navigation

Common actions like navigating back to the previous screens in your application are needed to be set everywhere throughout, but DhiWise now takes care of it by automatically setting such common actions based on the icon detection process. It identifies your icon along with the Back Navigation action and generates its relevant code in the application.


Close Dialog and Bottomsheet

For Mobile, overlaying screens like Dialog and Bottomsheet need to be closed when the user wants to close them. So the Close Dialog and Bottomsheet action are auto-set here on your cancel or close icons so you do not need to bother about it anymore.


In React builder, actions are set on the openevent-bound components in your pages which are needed to be closed. The ones which are opened can be easily closed while you run your application, based on the close icons designed on the pages.

Google, Facebook, Apple Authentication

Social Authentication has now become easier and faster than ever!

For React, only Google authentication is supported for now.

Just design your screens with proper social platform icons and get your authentication integrated into the app. Based on the icon detection, for example, a Google icon is detected in a Login button on your screen, then based on it Google social authentication action is integrated into that button. Or if it is only an icon on which a URL has to be set then it will automatically Set Hyperlink action with the Google login page link inserted in it.

Camera, Storage, Gallery and Open Camera + Gallery Permissions

Auto action setup is smarter than you think. It also adds all your required permissions in your app by detecting the icons from your screens.

For Mobile, permissions which are supported in DhiWise’s Permission actions are all auto-set in auto-action setup. Based on your icons it auto detects the permission type and sets action and generates code with all the required dependencies.

Open Drawer

Mobile screens may have a Drawer in their screen design which is a navigating component from where easy access is set to use the app functionalities. As DhiWise already auto-identified such Drawer screens, now it also automatically integrates the Drawer to its relevant screen from where it is needed to be opened. It auto-identifies the Open Drawer action with its required code.

TextField Validations

Validate user input automatically. While identifying your design, especially for components like TextField or input, DhiWise smartly gets to know which input type is required here and auto sets a Validation action on it with its validating input type.

Input types like Email, Password, Mobile, Pincode, Text only, and Number only are supported presently.

Open URL on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest Instagram icons

Based on the icons for social platforms like Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. DhiWise auto sets the URL of their official login page, so it becomes easy to add relevant links, and even edit and open them easily.