10 Reasons Why You Should Use TypeScript With React



April 17, 2023


April 17, 2023

React is a renowned open-source JavaScript library and it has become the favored tool of developers seeking to construct responsive and powerful user interfaces.

Meanwhile, TypeScript, a statically-typed JavaScript superset, boasts numerous advantages such as class definitions, interfaces, and type annotations, lending structure and reliability to codebases, and simplifying error detection.

In this blog, we will explore the top 10 compelling reasons why to use TypeScript with React, along with examples of popular web apps and platforms built with the combination. 

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Top 10 reasons why to use TypeScript with React

So here are the top ten reasons for using TypeScript alongside React. 

1.Type safety

TypeScript provides a type system that allows developers to catch type-related errors at compile time rather than at runtime. This feature makes it easier to write and maintain high-quality code. For example, in a React component, TypeScript can help catch errors related to the props and state of the component.

2. Improved IDE support

TypeScript works with various code editors like Visual Studio Code, Atom, and Sublime Text. The static typing features of TypeScript provide better code completion suggestions, error checking, and refactoring capabilities.

3. Code documentation

TypeScript allows developers to document their code with JSDoc comments. This makes it easier for other developers to understand the code and collaborate on projects.

4. Easier collaboration

TypeScript provides a more structured way to write code that makes it easier to collaborate with other developers. It helps in reducing the time and effort required to understand and maintain complex codebases.

5. Better error handling

TypeScript allows developers to catch errors early on in the development process. It helps in preventing runtime errors and makes debugging easier.

6. Improved scalability

As projects grow larger and more complex, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep track of all the variables and functions in the codebase. TypeScript makes it easier to manage and scale projects by providing more structure and organization.

7. Better performance

TypeScript code is faster and more efficient than equivalent JavaScript code because the compiler can optimize the code more effectively.

8. Reduced maintenance costs

TypeScript code is more predictable and maintainable, which leads to less time and effort required to maintain and debug. This can lead to significant cost savings over the lifetime of a project.

9. Easier refactoring

Renaming variables or functions in a large codebase can be a daunting task, but TypeScript makes it easier by automatically updating references to those variables or functions.

10. Improved code quality

TypeScript enforces strict type-checking and other best practices, helping developers write cleaner, more efficient, and more maintainable code.

In conclusion, TypeScript with React is a powerful combination that provides developers with a more structured and predictable way to write code. It helps in

Popular websites built with TypeScript and React

The following table shows the list of popular websites and platforms that use React and TypeScript.

Websites and Platform Description Technology used
GitHub The popular online code repository React and TypeScript
VSCode Microsoft's code editor Visual Studio Code React and TypeScript
Wealthfront The financial planning and investment management app React and TypeScript
LinkedIn The popular social media platform for professionals React and TypeScript
Supercell The mobile game development company. It uses React with TypeScript to build its games like Clash of Clans and Clash Royale React and TypeScript
Uber The ride-hailing service React and TypeScript
Spotify The music streaming service React and TypeScript
Asana The cloud-based project management tool React and TypeScript
Upwork The online marketplace for freelance services React and TypeScript
Slack The communication platform React and TypeScript

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