Build a Version Management System in ReactJS with DhiWise, Xata, and Figma in an hour

Saved hours

Code generators, algorithms, and parsers are essential tools for software development. They simplify developers' jobs by providing pre-defined code snippets or structures. At DhiWise, there are several code generators, algorithms, and parsers. All these go through a few deployments on different testing servers.

Version management systems help us keep track of different versions of our software. We can use them to ensure that our software is always up-to-date and correct.

The Challenge

There are dozens of systems out there, and they all work differently. For example, some work locally on your computer, others on servers in the cloud, and some connect to other computer systems automatically. Furthermore, they all require separate processes and methods to maintain their information.

To maintain and remember those version numbers is extremely exhausting.

The Solution

Building a Version Management System is a solution where we can keep the data across the organization, which helps us to maintain all the version details of all our generators, algorithms, and software builds.

Xata meets DhiWise

Xata helped build the Version Management database schema in no time.



Steps to achieve this using DhiWise:

  1. Design Figma with perfect guidelines, resulting in the ideal UI design code.
  2. Import the Postman collection of Xata APIs and bind it with the UI elements.
  3. Set up navigation and API calls using DhiWise.
  4. Build the app and get the code.

Why DhiWise?

DhiWise is a programming platform where developers can convert their designs into developer-friendly code for mobile and web apps. DhiWise automates the application development life-cycle and instantly generates readable, modular, and reusable code.

Building app within minutes using DhiWise:

  1. A couple of minutes to import Figma and fetch resources of the screens
  2. 30 minutes to add navigation and API integrations by importing Postman

Perks of using DhiWise:

Advanced features that DhiWise offers more than any other tool:

  1. Storybook Support
  2. API Integration
  3. Protected Routes
  4. Constants
  5. GitHub/GitLab
  6. Live Preview

And some more…

  1. Entry point
  2. Navigation and Routes
  3. Props
  4. Google Authentication
  5. Common ReactJS Components
  6. Modular Axios API Code Structure

DhiWise believes developers should work more on what is creative rather than the usual coding routine. DhiWise lets developers explore beyond the mundane tasks which devour time, energy, effort, and cost.