Revamped ProductHunt mobile app faster than actual time & cost

Saved hours
Saved money

Every developer, CEO, and CTO is familiar with Product Hunt. Product Hunt is a platform to showcase products. Several individual developers, organisations, and groups release products daily and get awards from the forum. Having a large audience, it has become the favourite around the community.

The Challenge

The mobile app of Product Hunt was a bit outdated. Therefore, it was indispensable to revamp the UI and add some of the majorly missing features that could boost productivity in terms of using the platform more efficiently.

The Solution
1. Traditional solution:

To solve this, it could consume resources resulting in a considerable cost.

2. Fast-Forward code generation with DhiWise:

With DhiWise, import your Figma design and import the Postman collection. DhiWise will convert the Figma to design code, and Smart Editor allows adding API Integration and navigation within minutes to get the perfect code that the user can download.


Features of the Product Hunt mobile app:

  1. List of products.
  2. List of topics.
  3. Details of product.
  4. Search topics.
  5. Leaderboard [Most upvoted products].

Perks of using DhiWise:

1. Figma to Code

Convert your Figma design to Flutter/ReactJS code. You can either visit https://app.dhiwise.com or Figma plugin to get the code.

2. Set navigation

Prototypes for Figma will be converted to navigations when you generate code from DhiWise.


3. API Integration

Make that app dynamic with your APIs and get the code in minutes.


4. Smart Editor

Experience the Smart Editor to develop applications with intelligent suggestions like auto-action setup and where you can easily edit and modify all UI changes using handy keyboard shortcuts while having real-time design previews and errors,


5. Theme Customisation

Want to change something in your design? DhiWise is here to help you.

6. Reusable Code

Completely reusable code as we generate standard components/widgets to make the code more understandable and easy to scale.


There is a lot to develop in this app and a lot to explore at DhiWise. Using DhiWise, developers get the best experience of how they develop applications. DhiWise is not just about developing applications in minutes. Developers can rely on DhiWise-generated code with best coding practices that are easy to understand, consume and modify.