HubSpot mobile app built in Flutter in a week

Saved hours

HubSpot CRM is an app that delivers the experience of a desktop CRM (Customer Relationship Management) on your mobile phone. It enables your customer-facing teams, like sales, customer success, and growth, to access important information like adding or updating contact records, meetings, tasks, or deals on their phones on the go. An App like this is very handy when teams are offsite and cannot keep on maintaining notes or carry their laptops with them everywhere.

The Challenge

Developing a mobile app eats a lot of time. First, you have to visualize the design, convert it to Figma/Sketch/XD, and then to UI code. On top of that, we also require data management and API calls. Testing is remaining. There is much tedious work.

Also, Android and iOS platforms nowadays need individual app development resources, which is also a hurdle.

The Solution

Developing a mobile app takes us more than two months on average. The solution is simple. A HubSpot mobile application has features to access and handle all things. So, DhiWise built this flutter app in just 7 Days.

DhiWise allows the development of a Flutter mobile app that runs on Android and iOS both. Check out the next topic to know the features.


  1. List of today's upcoming tasks.
  2. List of today's upcoming meetings.
  3. List of scheduled tasks with filter and sorting (the list includes an incomplete task).
  4. List of future tasks with filter and sorting (the list has a future task that is not done).
  5. Create a new task.
  6. List of contacts and companies with filter and sorting.
  7. List of deals with filter and sorting.
  8. Create a new deal.
  9. List Of email activities (sent mail and opened status).


How DhiWise solves this?

1. Figma to Code

Convert your Figma design to Flutter/ReactJS code. You can either visit https://app.dhiwise.com or Figma plugin to get the code.


2. Set navigation

Prototypes for Figma will be converted to navigations when you generate code from DhiWise.


3. API Integration

Make that app dynamic with your APIs and get the code in minutes.



4. Smart Editor

Experience the Smart Editor to develop applications with intelligent suggestions like auto-action setup and where you can easily edit and modify all UI changes using handy keyboard shortcuts while having real-time design previews and errors


5. Theme Customisation

Want to change something in your design? DhiWise is here to help you.

6. Resilient Code

Completely reusable code as we generate standard components/widgets to make the code more understandable and easy to scale.



There is much to develop in this app and much to explore at DhiWise. Using DhiWise, developers get the best experience of how they develop applications. DhiWise is not just about developing applications in minutes. DhiWise ensures that the generated code is easy to understand, consume and modify with best coding practices that developers can rely on.