HashiCorp’s Terraform as a Flutter App built in 2 days

Saved hours

Terraform is a popular term for all professionals who use the cloud in their IT work. So, where does it come from? HashiCorp. HashiCorp provides several tools and services to developers to ease their workload

HashiCorp offers tools in several categories, including infrastructure, networking, security, and application development.

For this app, Terraform from HashiCorp is used.

Terraform is a tool for Infrastructure as Code (IaC). You may use this tool to create, modify, and maintain version infrastructure. Terraform works with various platforms, including AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, GitHub, Docker, and more.


When Terraform is integrated, it opens in the browser. After configuring all the necessary parameters, you can start any task. But what if Terraform is available as a smartphone app? It would simplify things for developers. Open the app, enter the necessary configuration, and you're done.

Well, this app is built using DhiWise Flutter builder. Curious to know more? Keep reading.

What does the app do?

Using a mobile app, configure Terraform. Create an organization, create workspaces, run the task, or cancel the task, and if you cancel the job, you will be notified through SMS.

Functionalities supported in this app:

  1. Create new organization
  2. Create a new workspace within the organization
  3. Add configuration version
  4. Upload configuration file to Terraform
  5. Check examples of different configurations files with their providers(kreuzwerker/docker for docker integration with Terraform)
  6. Run the task
  7. Add the comments and check the comments
  8. List of all the organizations
  9. Cancel the task
  10. Send SMS on canceling the task

Because the app requires more functionalities, completing the full app may take at least 15-20 days. DhiWise, on the other hand, finished it in 2 days.

The Challenge
  1. Figma to Flutter code
  2. Navigation ease
  3. API integration with less effort
  4. Readable code
  5. Error-free app
  6. Easily integrate business logic

Well, these are the critical aspects of any app. Let’s see how DhiWise was used for these.

The Solution
  1. Upload Figma to DhiWise
  2. API Integration
  3. Navigation
  4. Business logic

How DhiWise helped in the completion of the app.

1. Upload Figma to DhiWise

Converting Figma to code is a complex and time-consuming task. However, with DhiWise, it was accomplished in one minute. Create a new application in DhiWise, give it a name, choose Flutter and Figma, upload Figma and then wait for a minute. DhiWise generates the code with 90% accuracy and recognizes about 95% of the components from Figma designs. It is simple to modify the code and design if necessary.

2. API Integration

API integration is required for any app that performs any task. Any third-party API integration can be difficult and time-consuming, but DhiWise completed it in one day. The Terraform app required 9-10 APIs, completed in hours using DhiWise's Flutter builder.

3. Navigation

Navigation is necessary to go from one screen to another. It was accomplished in minutes with DhiWise. Simply click on the navigation, add the screen, and you're done.

4. Business logic

After converting Figma to code, API connection, and navigation, some business logic was required. To use the Terraform app, a configuration file has to be uploaded to Terraform. It is much easier to add custom code in DhiWise's generated application.

Let's compare manual effort vs DhiWise.

Manual effort takes time


With DhiWise



The app's primary goal is to bring Terraform to the mobile app, which is achievable using DhiWise. DhiWise makes app development achievable in as short as two days with the best code quality. Integrate several APIs, combine the APIs of two platforms in one place, create executable code, and boom. The app is in your hand.