Fork a Repository from GitForker mobile app

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The world transformed for developers when Linus Torvalds and the team introduced Git in 2005. Since then, we all developers rely on Git to manage our source code.

After a while into this, GitHub came into the picture and revolutionized the open-source community and how we develop the software. And in addition to that, GitHub introduced its mobile app.

The Challenge

GitHub mobile app has almost all the features required to manage activities, repositories, pull request mentions, organizations, and much more.

But cannot fork any repository. So, DhiWise developed it in no time.

The Solution

Developing such a feature is now accessible with the help of DhiWise.

Here is the Figma below, similar to the current GitHub app. It gives the same look and feel as that of GitHub.


Why DhiWise?

1. Figma to Code in Seconds

DhiWise generates code with reusable components/widgets that makes the source code scalable.

2. Editor Experience

DhiWise Smart Editor gives IDE experience familiar with the routine app development process. Faster and smarter.


3. Theme Customization

From DhiWise, make changes from the browser before building the code.



4.Much more

  1. Manage Constants
  2. Refresh Figma
  3. Use ready-made templates
  4. Manage app icons
  5. Auto actions setup like Google auth, camera permission, and much more
  6. DhiWise University to learn and excel
  7. Detailed Documentation

The Process:

  1. Import the Figma file into DhiWise
  2. Import Postman collection or cURL into DhiWise API Runner
  3. Integrate them with the same feel of an Editor with DhiWise Smart Editor
  4. Manage Navigations
  5. Take the code home as a zip file

Next Step:

Explore the use case built with DhiWise and build any application and break the traditional software development life-cycle.

Using DhiWise, developers get the best experience of how they develop applications. DhiWise is not just about developing applications in minutes. DhiWise ensures that the generated code is easy to understand, consume and modify with best coding practices that developers can rely upon.