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Reimagine your Backend with Firebase and Supabase Integration

Do you worry a lot about backends while building Flutter applications? If yes, DhiWise comes bearing good news. As a part of the new launch week, we finally bring Firebase and Supabase support to the Flutter Builder, letting you access scalable and serverless apps without complicating things further.

Read on to know how these specific, targeted, and resourceful backend services can help you build a holistic cross-platform application.


Powerful, Responsive, and Industry-Grade Application in no time.

Your Apps are now- Quicker, More Scalable, and Independent


Firebase for Flutter

As the desired Backend-as-a-Service model, Firebase is now available to the Flutter app builders too along with the Android(Kotlin) builder. Now experience a world of real-time databases, serverless architecture, and improved authentication modules for your complex cross-platform apps.


Supabase Integration

While Firebase helps manage unstructured datasets, our Flutter Builder now has the Supabase enhancement for your relational database needs. The setup involving Auth Key and URL resembles Firebase, but the scalability gets a sizable boost.


Flexible Integrations

Our Flutter Builder lets you choose between Supabase and Firebase, depending on the type of app you are building. Integrations, on the other hand, are easier than ever, with you being in charge of Data Types, Collections, Navigations, View Components, and Actions.


Single-Click Authentication

You can immediately make cross-platform applications more responsive by deploying Firebase/Supbase Auth modules. At present, you can set up ‘One-Click’ Facebook and Google Authentication for significantly improving user experience.


Fetch, Create

Regardless of the Backend resource you pick, the Flutter Builder now lets you fire a query data (Fetch) or create sequenced data sets at unimaginable speeds. And you can always play around with the database and without knowing underlying complexities as per requirements.


Go Serverless

Now ensure that your app doesn’t have to rely on hosted servers to respond to user queries and actions. Focus entirely on creating the dream front-end for your flutter application, connect the same with Firebase/Supabase and let go of the server-side processes and worries.

Better Control over the app

The mentioned resources let you configure data sets and collections directly from DhiWise platform, using values, preferences. Once the data is ready, you can connect the same, either to the Supabase database or the Cloud Firestore (Firebase).


Happy Customers, Happy you

A great-looking application with a static UI isn’t going to make the customers happy. With our backend resources, you can make select UI components, text fields, and other elements more responsive by pairing them with Authentication, storage, Push Notifications, and other server-side tasks.


Top-Notch Scalability

The impact of your application is determined by the data volume it is capable of handling. With Firebase/Supabase integration coming to Flutter, you can now add more users and features to your application without worrying about the backend troubles.


Focus on the Design and Leave the Rest to Us

Regardless of the data type you choose to work with, DhiWise Flutter Builder now has Firebase/Supabase integration active to help you tie up the same with front-end elements and view components. It goes without saying that now you can make your cross-platform application highly responsive and all-inclusive with DhiWise taking care of backend processes and scalability.