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Unveiling WiseGPT: The Ultimate Code-Assist for Flutter Developers

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July 26, 2023


July 26, 2023

We started DhiWise with a clear goal: to enable developers to code better and faster, all while making space for them to be creative and efficient. 

Flutter's practical framework for cross-platform application development has changed the game. Yet, the complexity of app development, like configuring responsiveness individually for multiple screens, the effort to create and maintain custom widgets, and coding standards beg for further innovation. That’s where WiseGPT comes to the rescue. An advanced IDE plugin, WiseGPT revolutionizes your Flutter app development experience.

What Makes WiseGPT Stand Out

WiseGPT’s core capability is to adapt to your coding style with its quick code-analysis engine and promptless architecture. Feed WiseGPT your UI code and API collection and sit back while it generates all the necessary files—from UI to production-ready code. WiseGPT has no size limitation on generating code files and accurately writes relevant code for dependent packages, functions, and models.

WiseGPT simplifies the entire Flutter app development lifecycle by taking care of the essential tasks so you can focus on what truly matters: the core functionality of your app.

The Power of WiseGPT: Developer's Advantage

WiseGPT streamlines developing a Flutter app by writing efficient code for every aspect of its lifecycle—from UI to security. Let’s dive deeper into some ways that WiseGPT can help you in your coding workflow:

🎨 Personalized UI design: Craft beautiful user interfaces effortlessly with WiseGPT. Use its powerful features like generating new UI screens by extending the current design system by understanding the pre-existing codebase to implement new features, complex UI elements, handle state management, and design visually appealing interfaces for your app.

🌐 Data retrieval from the internet: WiseGPT writes code to fetch data according to your specifications, making integrating network requests into your app a breeze. Save time and effort by eliminating manual HTTP requests, parsing responses, and error-handling methods for complex API endpoints—WiseGPT handles it all.

🪄 Data manipulation: Deal with any response data within your Flutter app without tedious manual coding.WiseGPT intelligently generates code for parsing data responses. Transform, filter, and efficiently perform complex calculations on your response data.

🖇️ Bind data to UI widgets: WiseGPT helps you bind data to text form fields, dynamic lists, and many more widgets by writing the code which integrates with your chosen architecture to effectively manage the state of your application, regardless of the state management approach.

🗄️ Offline data persistence: WiseGPT logically provides the code to save data offline after successful requests are made to a specific endpoint. Whether you need to save responses to offline databases, store user preferences, or cache data, WiseGPT has you covered.

🛡️ App security: WiseGPT makes it easy to tackle crucial security tasks, increasing user trust and confidence. It can intelligently generate code for sensitive data which helps you implement industry-standard security practices, encrypting offline data and ensuring secure HTTP connections.

🧪 Writing test cases: WiseGPT effectively writes test cases, ensuring complete test coverage for your app. From unit tests to integration tests, WiseGPT automates the process so your app functions flawlessly.

The Future of WiseGPT

And this is just the beginning! We have support for more technologies, more UI frameworks, auto-generation of test cases, debugging and refactoring existing code to improve performance coming your way. WiseGPT revolutionizes how developers work, offering a robust and simple solution to boost productivity. WiseGPT generates code that fits seamlessly into existing projects, freeing up valuable time to tackle the challenges that truly matter.

Unleash your potential, elevate your skills, and take your development game to a new level. Join our waitlist and be among the first to experience the power of WiseGPT.


WiseGPT is here to make your Flutter app development smoother, faster, and more efficient. Happy coding!

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Frequently asked questions

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