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Why Do Developers Use Kotlin For Android Development? - DhiWise



June 12, 2021


June 12, 2021

Summary: Kotlin has become the most popular language among the Android developer community. The article introduces Kotlin and its features. It emphasizes why Kotlin becomes so popular in the Android developer community and the advantages of using it in your Android app development.  

Further, it states how developers can efficiently build their Kotlin application using DhiWise. 

About Kotlin

Kotlin is one of the fastest-growing and most popular programming languages in the world of android app development. It is a strongly typed, cross-platform general-purpose programming language used for building modern, multi-platform applications.

The Kotlin language was first introduced publicly in July 2011 by JetBrains(A Software development Company). JetBrains was looking for a language that compiles into JVM with the expanded advantages in terms of efficiency, reliability,  and performance, but it was difficult for them to find all these features in one language except Scala. However, Scala had the drawback of slow compilation. 

Therefore JetBrain started developing a language that has all these features along with faster compilation(Kotlin compiles as fast as Java). Later in February 2012, JetBrains open-sourced the Kotlin project under the Apache2 License.

The Kotlin got its name from the island of Kotlin near Saint Petersburg, Russia. The language is used for multi-platform mobile application development, server-side programming, and web front-end development. 

In 2017, Google announced world-class support for Kotlin on Android devices, and on May 7, 2019, Google officially announced that Kotlin is its preferred language for Android app development.

Features of Kotlin 

Although Kotlin is still young, it is giving tough competition to Java as it provides a better solution for most of the complexities in Java. The language is designed to be fully interoperable with Java.  It is simple, easy to understand, yet powerful. 

In Kotlin, fewer lines of code are sufficient to solve the problem as compared to Java.  The other things that make it amazing are:

  • The language is strongly typed

Kotlin is strongly typed making it easier to detect errors in the early stages of development and to create an optimized application.

  • Highly expressive

The language is easy to learn, and its features such as type-safe code building and delegated properties help developers to build powerful yet easy-to-use abstractions.

  • Provides null safety

Null safety in Kotlin eliminates the Null pointer errors from the code.

  • Having strong tooling support

provides support for framework-specific tooling support. 

  • Use coroutine for asynchronous programming

Coroutines in Kotlin simplify common tasks such as network database calls and simple and efficient database updates.

Advantages of Kotlin over Java?

Kotlin solves many issues faced by Java programmers. Here are a few of them,

  • Many programming languages faced the issue of null references.  In Java, it is referred to as NullPointerException. The issue is solved with the Type System in Kotlin.
  • Kotlin does not allow raw types. When Java types are imported into Kotlin, the Java Raw types are converted to star projections.
  • Arrays in Kotlin are invariant. Kotlin won’t let you assign arrays of string type to arrays of any type preventing runtime errors. Besides that, passing an array of the subclass to an array of the superclass is also prohibited in Kotlin while it is allowed in Java.

Why did it become so popular among the Android developer community?

According to the Aug 2021 PYPL index(Worldwide), Kotlin is ranked 11th, and by Github users Kotlin is ranked 15 among the other programming languages. On Stack Overflow, Kotlin is ranked 4th among the most loved programming languages and ranked 6th as the most wanted programming language of 2020.

Let us go through the top reasons why Kotlin is the best choice for your next Android project. 

  • Simple to learn and implement

Kotlin is a developer-friendly language that Java developers can learn in no time.  Java developers can start developing Kotlin applications using Java Framework and Libraries.

  •  Easy to read and review

The code written in Kotlin is easy to read and review, even the developer with no experience in Kotlin can review it. The readable code leads to fewer errors saving developers time so that they can focus on more complex issues in the application.  

  • Solves most of the development issues

Kotlin is designed for efficiency and higher productivity. It solves most of the problems faced by developers such as longer compilation time and null pointer issues. In addition, it maintains backward compatibility with many Java and Androids projects.

  • Mature language and environment

Kotlin was first released in 2011, since then it has continuously developed as a complete ecosystem, has robust tooling support, and has a large developer community. The language has been used by over 60% of Android development professionals. 

Here are some popular Android mobile applications built using Kotlin.

  • Slack 
  • Confluence Cloud 
  • Twitter
  • WordPress 
  • Netflix 
  • Cost-efficient

Kotlin is an open-source programming language with extensive documentation. Developers can submit their queries in the community and get them answered quickly. Also, Java developers can convert their code written in Java to Kotlin with just one click, making Kotlinhighly cost-efficient for application development. 

  • Kotlin is highly flexible

Kotlin does not impose any particular programming style on developers like Object-Oriented programming.

  • Highly productive

Kotlin makes migration easy with its interoperability with Java. Developers can start from each application model, convert it into Kotlin code and perform unit testing on it against its current test suite. Kotlin also provides support for debugging, unit testing, and profiling.

  • Support Android Jetpack  and other libraries

KTX Extension adds all the Kotlin language features to existing Android Libraries. These features include functions, properties, lambdas, named parameters, parameter default values, and coroutines.

All of these aspects and many other factors make Kotlin the unique programming language that has undoubtedly won the hearts of developers. With every advanced feature, it is getting brighter in the Android developer community.

Use DhiWise and move one step ahead in Android app development 

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What is DhiWise?

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DhiWise for Android application development 

DhiWise believes in developer empowerment and thus provides support for multiple technologies which include Flutter, Laravel, iOS, React, Node, and Kotlin.

DhiWise enables developers to create a scalable, and maintainable Android application instantly by providing an intuitive platform where developers can convert Figma design to usable code, import database, configure screen components, integrate APIs, customize it according to project requirements and share the assets with other team members all from one place.  

DhiWise modern features help developers to build their Android applications 2x faster without compromising on the code quality, empowering the development team to deliver multiple projects with ease. The platform makes it nearly impossible to reverse engineer Android app code.  

with ease

Overall, building an Android application with DhiWise is more convenient, efficient, productive, and cost-effective. 

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