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Why Reactjs For SaaS is The Next Big Thing?


Harikrishna Kundariya | Director of eSparkbiz

July 15, 2022

Harikrishna Kundariya | Director of eSparkbiz

July 15, 2022

Many businesses have replaced traditional software licensing models with SaaS (Software as a Service). One-time installations or expensive models are no longer needed. It's as simple as a monthly subscription, downloading the cloud software, and you're all set!

Facebook initially developed ReactJs, and it quickly spread to some of the most notable SaaS applications, which have become a vital part of our daily lives, including Netflix, Dropbox, Instagram, among many others.

There is no doubt that ReactJs has met, and in many cases even exceeded, user expectations, regardless of whether you are a novice or an expert. Its library is primarily used for user interfaces. Since 2015, ReactJs has been open-sourced.

Let us first understand what ReactJS is

ReactJS is a JavaScript library commonly used in web development. It is built by Jordan Walke, a software engineer at Facebook. The library is being used by startups as well as some of the biggest brands to build next-generation apps for the web and mobile. It is instrumental when building single-page applications.

Developers can use it to build large web applications where data can be changed without reloading the application. The benefit of React is its speed, scalability and simplicity. Additionally, it can be used in conjunction with other JavaScript libraries, such as Angular in MVC.

Have a look at the latest statistics that speak volumes about popularity of ReactJS

  • The React.js framework surpassed jQuery in popularity among software developers at the end of 2021. As per the survey, 40.14% of respondents admitted that they were using React.js, while 34.43% of the respondents said that they were using jQuery.
  • In Stack Overflow’s 2020 Developer Survey, out of 57.378 responses, 68.9% of the respondents said that they were interested in continuing working with React.js.
  • React.js covers the top position in the Most Wanted category with 22.4% of developers for the 3rd year in a row. Also, those who had never worked with ReactJs, were interested in giving it a try.

What are the main advantages of ReactJS?

  • Easy debugging: Developers understand how data flow affects other components in a system.
  • High efficiency: The Virtual-DOM in memory is compared to determine if a state-triggered view change occurred.
  • Code reuse: The reusable nature of ReactJS components contributes to high performance since best practices are more easily adopted.
  • Flexibility: Due to its modular structure, ReactJS code is easier to maintain and more flexible than other frontend frameworks.

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Developers across the world love Reactjs for how it simplifies the web development process. Here are the basic features of Reactjs for faster app development:

1. JSX Syntax

JSX is the template language which is used by Reactjs because it is simple and easy to use. A significant benefit of JSX Syntax is that it implements HTML tag syntax whenever it wants to deliver the subcomponents. After this, these subcomponents are then transferred to JavaScript for a comprehensive React framework.

2. One-way data binding

Single-way data flow is used by Reactjs. In other words, HTML tags properties are used to convey values to the component's renderer.

Using Reactjs, components cannot directly access or update any property. Nevertheless, it facilitates the modification and upgradation of properties by delivering a callback.

3. Component-based architecture

Each component of Reactjs web apps is designed with a distinct set of logic. The main advantage of Reactjs is that it allows SaaS developers to pass data between different parts of the application without altering the DOM. This is made possible because Reactjs’s logic is written in JavaScript rather than templates.

4. React Native

Reactjs allows developers to get access to innate libraries. Most of the developers mainly employ the available libraries to create a mobile app framework by making use of JavaScript. The likenesses between both React Native and Reactjs make sure that the transition of an app from web to mobile is a flawless one.

5. Virtual DOM

By using the Virtual DOM,  ReactJS developers can build a prompt SaaS web application while making sure its accuracy is on point. 

6. Asynchronous Communication with Server By Making Use of Flux Pattern

The flux pattern which is used in ReactJS assists the developers in creating those applications that can asynchronously communicate with a server. When you rent Indian coders, it will help them avoid common issues such as blocking and executing several codes simultaneously. It is also simpler for the user to change data that is present on the server whenever required and that too without affecting any of the UI elements. A developer would also be able to make required changes promptly and fix any expected errors before they take place.

Why Should You Consider Building Your SaaS Product with ReactJS?

Using ReactJS for SaaS product development is a lot more beneficial when compared to building software in a traditional manner. Here is how:

  • Maintaining a single concentrated and centralized Platform is much simpler and affordable when we compare SaaS products with traditional softwares.
  • Duplicating or providing pirated software for cloud-based created software is difficult. In this regard, products that are SaaS developed are a great option for companies who desire to minimize software piracy.
  • The development of ReactJS-based SaaS products makes product upgrades and extended service delivery to their end-users easier. As a result, company owners can easily surmount their SaaS-based applications and also eventually increase revenue.
  • A big benefit of SaaS is that it provides a wide user base. This is because it appeals to more customers since the product would be easily accessible from multiple devices like mobile, tablet, laptop etc.
  • Additionally, SaaS products don't require you to invest significant sums in order to maintain huge hardware infrastructures.

Let Us Have A Look At Some SaaS Products Working on ReactJS That Are Widely Used

  • Shopify: It is an Ecommerce platform which offers an end-to-end shopping cart software plus a complete hosting user infrastructure to the users. It is one of the best examples of SaaS products which uses ReactJS development. At Shopify, the overall shopping process is smooth and comfortable. 
  • Google Play: Google Play, which is developed as well as currently operated by Google, is currently used by millions. The official application store for Android also functions on ReactJS development. 
  • Facebook: The adoption of ReactJS by Facebook won’t come as a surprise since it is conceptualized by Facebook itself. ReactJS has been used to build and implement many of Facebook's best points, such as Messenger, News Feed, Ads, etc.


It is only after developing SaaS products that companies are able to fully realize ReactJS' potential, capability and value. In both the building and continuing development of a product, ReactJS is preferable because it can either build a product from scratch or modify an existing one. This is a lightweight and simple library designed to satisfy the needs of today's developers.

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