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Why Custom Application Development Critical for Business Growth?



August 4, 2022


August 4, 2022

We have already witnessed the wave of digitization in almost every sector.  The advancement in software technologies helps organizations to provide better service to their customers, but there is another challenge businesses are experiencing today.

The highly competitive market, rapidly changing technologies, and flexible business requirements, all of these driving the need for fast and highly customized solutions that can serve and retain customers for a longer time.

If you are facing the same challenge, this article will help you to get better clarity on custom application development. 

Also, here you will get the answer to the following common question related to custom app development:

  • Is custom application development critical for business success?
  • What are the benefits of custom app development?
  • What are the biggest challenges in custom app development and is there any solution? 

What is custom application development? 

Custom application development involves planning, designing development, and deployment of applications to fulfill unique business requirements. The implementation logic and the app workflow remain specific to the particular use case. 

In short, custom apps are tailor-made software solutions designed for a particular group of users. For instance, there are numerous eCommerce apps in the market but only a few are famous such as amazon services, Nykaa, FirstCry, AJIO, and Flipkart. The reasons behind their success are,

  • They offer unique solutions to fix groups of users.
  • They identify customer interest and provide suitable offers. 
  • Provide consistent services despite rapidly evolving technologies. 
  • Have good marketing and monetization strategy.

Is custom application development critical for business success?

If you have any business idea but don't have a clear plan for its implementation in the online space then there are greater chances for you to pick a prebuilt solution. That’s what happens with most entrepreneurs who don’t have experience in running a business in the digital space.

Well, this is not the only reason why entrepreneurs choose pre-built applications.

Building custom applications takes time and requires resources on the other hand prebuilt apps can be quickly launched. Then why do businesses need a custom app if pre-built apps are there to save their time and money? 

So, here is your answer. 

  • Pre Built apps have low flexibility for customization: Pre Built apps are either provided by the software solution companies or are built with LowCode and NoCode platforms so there are greater chances of vendor lock.  
  • Pre-built apps are vulnerable to attackers: As the simple solution is used by several businesses there are major chances of hackers getting familiar with the code, which makes it easy to break into your app. Even if you want to fix such things it may take a longer time as you are buying development services from the vendor. 

On the other hand, if you go for custom application development, you can benefit from it in the longer run, and it is highly effective in improving customer engagement. It gives entrepreneurs full control over their apps, so they can easily get exactly what they want. 

Especially, with custom apps, businesses can keep aligned with their requirements and focus on customer needs rather than randomly throwing unnecessary features.

What are the benefits of custom application development? 

1. Gives businesses full control over their application

With custom application development businesses have complete control over their apps. They don’t need to be dependent on the vendors for things like maintenance, up-gradation, security updates, and so on. 

2. Offers full flexibility to scale 

Custom applications are built by in-house developers keeping customers at their center. It is designed to fulfill unique business needs. So, it's easy for developers to add new functionality to the existing app, unlike the prebuilt application that has less flexibility. 

3. Highly adaptive

Pre-built applications are difficult to integrate with others. On the contrary custom, apps are easy to integrate. Therefore, custom apps can survive the changes in technology, flexible market demands, and variable customer requirements. Overall they can adapt to changes. 

4. Reduces long-term maintenance cost

Pre-built apps are maintained by vendors so if you come up with any issue it takes time to resolve. 

Custom applications are built by in-house developers, so developers remain aware of the part of the application that requires regular maintenance and even if any issue arises it can be quickly resolved. 

What are the biggest challenges in custom application development and is there any way to resolve them?

1. Unclear and changing business requirements

Around  7 out of 10 software development organizations face the issue of changing customer requirements. To fulfill these requirements entrepreneurs constantly change their business plans and goals. In turn, developers are forced to rewrite the entire code. 

Even if the entrepreneurs are assisted by the experts in the implementation of the business plan it's all up to the developer's efficiency and the way they put your plan into effect. To survive these changes developers need a way to quickly build and test their apps. 

2.Limited resources

Custom app development is a time-consuming process, it includes research, planning, designing, coding, testing, and deployment. Besides that, once the application is launched it needs continuous maintenance and support. However, with the limited workforce developing a custom app may take more time than the prebuild app. 

The issue of limited resources can be overcome by automating the grunt work of the development process so the developers can focus on the other complex tasks. 

3. Hidden cost

If you have a poorly planned product there are more chances of rewriting code. In turn, it increases the chances of mistakes impacting the quality of the final product. The money you spend on overcoming these difficulties will account for the substantially greater expenditures. 

Another thing that can have a higher hidden cost in custom software development is testing because every time you make a change in the app you need to test it whether it is due to bug issues or feature addition

To avoid hidden cost surprises, always create the business requirement document in detail and based on the document create the cost estimation. 

4. Poor Collaboration

Poor collaboration with the team affects the product development and may jeopardize the project’s overall success. In software development, excellent collaboration is critical for project delivery.  

The problem can be overcome by using the right collaboration tools that help developers to communicate through messages, and videos, share files, and code snippets, create and manage teams and team members, and so on. 

The Key Takeaways:

In the above article, we have learned what custom application development is and why it is critical for business success. Further, we have seen what are the biggest challenges in custom app development and how to overcome them.

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