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Can Riding the Wave of Collaborative Workspace contribute to the Developer’s Cause?



October 8, 2021


October 8, 2021

Sharing is caring! And, this statement holds true even for your irascibly written codes. Confused?

As developers working relentlessly on perfecting the code and eventually the application, teamwork isn’t the most pleasant of indulgences. With one person handling the variables, one taking care of the UI/UX, and one managing app routes, the effect on the boilerplate code is erratic and incoherent.

In absence of a collaborative workspace, a majority of the changes and updates made to the code go unannounced and unaccounted for. What transpires is code reading from the scratch, followed by slow updates, slower rewriting, and slowest app launches.

Seems scary enough, right! This is exactly why a new-age development platform built around a collaborative workspace, is the need of the hour.

Why is Collaborative Workspace an Indispensable Tool for the Developers?

I will not answer this question, not yet!

However, I would ask you to imagine a scenario where a team comprising a developer, UX/UI designer, API integrator, and DevOPs engineer working on an application, whilst being separated by international borders.

One boilerplate code snippet, one app development interface, and 4 individuals adding their inputs, only to find the others off-guard! An unpleasant scenario isn’t it.

Now imagine a standard collaborative Git repository, acting as the codebase. Each of the collaborators, regardless of the development platform or IDE in use, can access the code repo and make changes to the comprehensive boilerplate. All the changes can now be viewed by the collaborators, who need to accept the same, and only then the updates will be reflected as a part of the repo-specific code snippet.

Therefore, it is evident how a collaborative workspace can make life easy for developers, who are more likely to work as parts of a big team. While all of this sounds pretty straightforward, there are a few challenges that come along the way, including:

  • Lack of a unified collaborative interface
  • Inability to find a curated app development platform with built-in support for Git
  • Inability to fork changes, organically
  • Inability to force changes directly into the repository

In comes, DhiWise!

As the world’s first ProCode platform, strictly for the developers, DhiWise ensures that you have the perfect collaborative workspace at your disposal; especially for making teamwork a rewarding proposition.

But how does DhiWise make collaboration possible whilst being a browser-based platform! The idea here is to ensure that multiple developers can work on specific portions of the project and merge the changes and updates, whenever needed. Plus, the entire process happens at the code level, which even allows you to pair exclusive source code snippets with the repo-specific boilerplate.

Still unsure as to how DhiWise approaches Git Integration! Here are the pillars that make the collaborative workspace a reality:

» Code Control

As a developer in charge of an app-centric process, you can make changes to the code, right at the codebase, housed within the repository. The best part, however, is that every change, made by every collaborator, can be regarded as a separate branch.

» Remote Editing

Provided you are already using the DhiWise platform, editing collaborator code is hardly an issue with direct codebase access. So, no need to fret over the lack of proximity with the team member. Unless you want to take a selfie together.

» Version Control

Out here at DhiWise, you get the best form of source or version control, courtesy of the purposeful Git integration. This functionality lets you revert codes back to originality, recall projects back to their previous state, make code comparisons to evaluate team performance, pinpoint the code change that created an issue, and eventually handle code updates to scale beyond the minimum viable product.


Version control offered by DhiWise is just like the Time Stone used by Thanos. It simply turns the clock back, in case a specific code change feels and looks fallible.

Infinity War reference aside, DhiWise perfects the real-definition of a collaborative workspace but letting you look closely at every aspect of community coding; Pun Intended. This means, even if you have an abnormally high number of team members working on a project, Git integration plays a pivotal role in speeding up the entire process, even if it’s disjointed.

Results include improved performance, top-notch code security, coding flexibility, better code quality, and the ability to create high-end open source applications that can be scaled. Plus, the Git community adds to your knowledge base. Well, that’s a bonus.