DhiWise Launch Week – Day 4 : Laravel Builder



September 23, 2021


September 23, 2021

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Yet another Blog. Yet Another Technology. And, we still have two days to go before the launch week comes to an end.

Day 4: It’s the 23rd of September, and today it is the Laravel Builder that has our attention

Even though our recent launches, i.e., Node.js Builder, Android Builder, and Flutter Builder made things exciting for app developers, we felt the need to focus more on the PHP developer community.

In comes DhiWise Laravel Builder, a PHP-powered platform that is at par with Node.js when backend functionality is concerned. And, if you are apprehensive about PHP’s speed, worry not as at DhiWise, we even have that taken care of.

Plus, this resource makes a lot of sense to the web artisans, who are always on the lookout to empower the web apps with better API integrations, routes, and more.

At present, you can expect our Laravel Builder to showcase the following features:

» API Management, Made Easy

Worried about implementing basic logic to your web app? Laravel Builder lets you define and set CRUD and even Auth APIs to models for defining actions, at an elementary level.

API Management, Made Easy

» Better Route Handling

Interested in developing an app where pages can route, unhindered? Select relevant Route Policies enlisted at the Laravel Builder to move application requests to the desired controller.

You can now see routes for the model you have created or added from the predefined model library.


» Role-Based Access

Want to restrict or allow specific application resources? Now select user roles directly from our interface and manage accessibility like a pro


» Database Seeding

Consider setting permissions inclusively by seeding the database with roles. Select roles and seed them in a few clicks while viewing them anytime within the boilerplate code.


» Middleware Functionality

Speed up API calls, requests, and responses by customizing middleware to interact directly with the controller. Our Laravel Builder lets you add middleware for every backend functionality, with ease.


» Standard API Responses

Even in the formative stage, users can experience query intimations as we have the standard API responses for the developers to deploy, in an effort to make the application interactive enough.

That’s not all! Here are the upcoming features:

  • Custom Routes
  • Constants
  • Scheduler
  • Customer Notification Templates
  • Sandbox Support
  • Custom Code Snippets
  • Process Workflow Builder
  • Optimized React Admin Panel with Laravel Integration

Interested in learning more about the Laravel Builder? Go visit our Knowledge Base.

Not an avid reader, we’ve got you covered with a video tutorial.

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