How to quickly create a web application with Laravel using DhiWise



October 12, 2021


October 12, 2021

With the growing digital transformation, web application development is expediting at an aggressive rate. There are nearly 2 billion websites on the web and nearly 400 million are active. However, only a few websites are the most visited among the millions.

So, why only a few websites are highly popular?  

The reason is, web apps that are built with a unique purpose, greater usability,  user-friendliness, app integrations, and reliability have more chances of success. Also, several other factors contribute to the success of websites such as UI appearance, automation, scalability, and security.

Therefore it is a must for web developers and entrepreneurs to consider all the above factors while building a web application.

Moreover, due to the increase in the demand for web app development, developers are expected to build applications faster and deliver them to clients.  

There are several frameworks that help developers to quickly build web applications with ease and one of them is Laravel which is highly popular among the developer’s community.

In this article, we will learn how to quickly build a scalable web application with Laravel using DhiWise- A 100 % developer-centric ProCode platform to build web and mobile apps faster.  

However, before starting, let’s have a quick introduction about DhiWise and a Laravel.

Laravel and DhiWise


Laravel is a free, open-source PHP framework intended to simplify web development. It is based on the MVC (Model View Controller) architectural pattern.

Its rich functionalities such as expressive database abstraction layer, dependency injection, innovative template engine, effective ORM, and built-in app security boost the process of web development.

It is the best framework for you if you are familiar with the core and advanced PHP and you are planning to build a web application from scratch.  


DhiWise is the world’s first ProCode platform designed for developers to efficiently build quality web and mobile apps. It provides a unique set of features for developers to speed up app development.

Its support for advanced technologies such as Kotlin, Node, React, Swift, Flutter, and Laravel enable developers to bring their idea into reality with the modern tech stack.

DhiWise Laravel builder generates clear, concise, and quality code in just a few steps. Developers can manage and configure APIs, roles, permissions, authentication, and more.

Now you know about DhiWise and Laravel. But you might have questions about why to use DhiWise Laravel builder for web app development?

Why DhiWise Laravel Builder?

Developers use multiple tools, frameworks,  APIs, utilities, and platforms to speed up the process of app development. However,  juggling between all these tools at a time eats up the developer’s productivity.

Besides that, if the developer is using open-source tools or platforms for app development and got any issue, it’s difficult to get it quickly solved by the community members. On the other hand, a dedicated enterprise-level platform can give a quick solution to any query.  

DhiWise provides you with all functionalities and a dedicated team of developers that accelerate app development and help you to resolve the queries associated with the platform, making it a sensible choice for web and mobile applications development.

How to create a web application with Laravel using DhiWise?  

With DhiWise Laravel builder you can build backend applications in minutes by generating all the CRUD operations with a few inputs.

To start building a web application with DhiWise first sign in to your account and navigate to the Project page. Here, click  Add Project to create a new Project. Inside the project, you can create multiple applications.  


After clicking on the Add project it will open Create new project page, enter the project name and click Create project.


Step 1: Choose Laravel from the technology

Once the project is created you can add any application to the project. DhiWise provides support for six technologies that include, Node, Android(Kotlin), React Admin Panel, Flutter, Laravel, and iOS (Swift).  


Here we are going to create the web application using Laravel, therefore select Laravel(PHP framework) from the available technologies to create an application.

Step 2: Create Laravel application for Laravel Demo Project

Next, enter app details such as app name, database port number, database name, and database type, and then click on Create application.


Step 3: Create CRUD APIs for CRUD operations, authentication, permissions, and Routes

Once the application is created, next you can create CRUD APIs by defining schemas(models), configurations for CRUD operations, authentication, permissions, and routes.

Here are the steps to create a CRUD APIs,

1. Platform Configuration

In platform configuration, you can select the platform for which you want to build the application. Here we are going to select Admin and Front(Website) as a platform and other details as shown in the screenshot below.


2. Add Models

After configuring the platform next you need to add the Schema(Models) to your application.

DhiWise facilitates developers to add custom models or predefine models. You can add models from the DhiWise library, where you can find predefined schemas that can be customized and used in the application.

Custom models
Pre-defined models

3. Authentication setup

Next, you can set up the Authentication model by configuring login parameters, query parameters, login retry limit, login reactive time, reset password link, and link expiration time in minutes.


4. Model permission

Here, you can configure model-wise permission for CRUD operations i.e create, update, delete and view according to the platform i.e Admin and Front(Website).


5. Set up API Routes

Finally, you can see the API routes are automatically generated here, all the configurations in Model permissions and Authentication will be automatically applied to routes.


Once you have done with all configurations and setups click to Create build to generate your application code.


Here you can see the  generated Laravel application code,  


You can download, review and synchronize the generated app code with GitHub and GitLab repository. Click here to view the sample code generated with DhiWise Laravel builder.

So, this is how you can build a web application with Laravel in a few steps with DhiWise Laravel builder.  

For detailed information watch our webinar on “How to create Laravel APIs in Minutes using DhiWise. ” Also, you can visit DhiWise Laravel Builder Page to know about its upcoming features.

Wrap up

In this article, we have learned how to create a web application from scratch with Laravel using DhiWise in a few steps.

DhiWise eliminates repetitive tasks in application development while providing the full power for customization so that the developers can build and maintain an application efficiently.

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Happy Coding!