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Stop Using “create-react-app”, Get Your React.js Boilerplate With DhiWise Web Builder



November 23, 2022


November 23, 2022

Are you planning to build a front-end web app project from scratch, and wondering whether to use the “create-react-app” tool?  

Though, simply running the command helps you to set up the basic tools to start the SPA project. In reality, create-react-app is the generic framework that comes with the default configuration that may not fit well for every use case. 

In simple words, CRA creates a lightweight environment that generates HTML on the client side, which comes with its own advantages and disadvantages of client-side rendering.   

Let’s dive deeper into a topic to understand why you should stop using the CRA command and find a better way to build your React project.

The problem with “create-react-app” 

If you create a simple project with “create-react-app” today, it will grow slowly depending on the new app requirements, and there are great chances that it will go beyond the proposed limit of the framework.  Moreover, with it is difficult to add the custom build configuration to the app. 

At this point, you will need to eject your project to get full control over react app configurations, but ejecting the project will override the only build dependency advantage. 

So, is there any other way you can customize “create-react-app” configurations? 

Yes, you can use the packages like customize-cra, and react-app-rewired together to customize the “create-react-app” version 2 and 3 configurations, but again they too have limited capabilities. 

Finally, it's always a good idea to set up your own boilerplate with the basic build environment with webpack. Because under the hood a react app needs transpilers like Babel and a bundler like Webpack and not just react scripts. And when you start developing additional features you will also need the extra third-party libraries. 

Get more than just a boilerplate with DhiWise web app builder 

We are living in 2022 where every developer wants to save precious time with smart work and DhiWise brings everything to help developers get their work done in no time. The LowCode ProCode platform lets developers build production-ready apps while having full flexibility for customization.

DhiWise supports multiple app development technologies along with React.js, Flutter, and Node.js. Its React.js web app builder provides every essential feature for building scalable and maintainable apps.

Let’s understand how it helps you to generate the React.js Boilerplate and what other features it offers that help you build ready-to-deploy apps with the same platform.  

1. The design-to-code capability

What if you can convert your app design to code rather than starting from scratch? DhiWise web app builder lets you convert Figma, Adobe-XD, and Sketch designs to React code in minutes by auto-identifying the React components with its intelligent code identifier.

And even if you don’t have your app design ready the platform provides you with the prebuild react.js web application templates for every use case. 

Click here to know more about how to convert Figma design to React.js boilerplate code with DhiWise.

2.The visual interface for UI customization

DhiWise is a visual programming platform, its web app builder lets you set up actions, integrate API, change the view, add authentication, and much more.

Its smart code editor fulfills all the developer's needs by allowing developers to easily edit and modify UI changes with real-time design previews and error checks. 

Also, the platforms give complete code ownership to the developers. So they can customize their  React app code on their favorite platform. 

3. Generates quality code and minimizes code clutter 

With DhiWise you don’t have to worry about the code quality, the platform generates high-quality code for your application. The web app builder uses Tailwind CSS as a default framework to minimize code clutter. 

4. Make your React component work in any environment with Storybook integration

While developing a real-time application it's critical to keep the developing cycle decoupled from the production environment. DhiWise Storybook integration helps developers to focus on developing components in isolation. After all, React is all about Components, Composition, and Isolation. 

5. Manage and Deploy app code with Git integration and Vercel deployment support

DhiWise goes further than just boilerplate code generation with its GitHub and GitLab integration. The functionality backs that platform for easy code sharing, management, and collaboration. And above that, it solves the problem of manual app deployment with Vercel deployment support. 

With GitHub and Vercel together developers can easily host websites and online services quickly with minimum configuration, also it updates the changes in the app automatically and provides a way to monitor app performance. 

Apps should be built to evolve gracefully don’t let them grow into a big legacy

With DhiWise developers have a better option to start their app development quickly while having the full scope to scalability in the future, rather than going into the unnecessary spaghetti mess and blots. 

DhiWise is best if you are looking to build a production-ready app with speed, flexibility, and high quality, within minimum resources.  

Well,  it's up to you whether to start from scratch with create-react-app or to use efficient, and reliable tools to instantly generate boilerplate code.  

But if you want to build a scalable app faster try using DhiWise today!