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DhiWise vs Locofy: A Head-to-Head Comparison of Figma Plugins

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June 7, 2023


June 7, 2023

Figma is a popular design tool among developers and designers. It allows users to easily collaborate on the design in real time through its Figma plugins. So if you are developing a React app and worrying about how to instantly convert your Figma app design to React code, Figma plugins can help you.

These plugins are valuable tools for developers who want to speed up the app development process, ensure accuracy, and collaborate with fellow developers. However, there is a range of Figma plugins that offer such functionality, DhiWise and Locofy are the most popular among them. 

Let's explore more about these beloved Figma plugins and find out which fits well your unique app development requirement.

DhiWise and Locofy for Design to Code

DhiWise and Locofy, both the platforms offer design-to-code generation features. Moreover, they have other capabilities which simplify the app development complexities. 


“A 100% developer-centric platform for building web and mobile apps”.

DhiWise is an intuitive platform that supports multiple technologies for building web and mobile applications including React, Flutter, Kotlin (Android), SwiftUI (iOS), and Node.js. The platform eliminates monotonous development tasks by providing features such as Intelligent code generation, UI customization, API integration, Figma synchronization, Real-time previews, and so on.

Besides that, DhiWise provides Ready to use professionally designed web and mobile app templates and screen libraries for different categories of apps. 

If you just want to use its Design to Code feature simply use the Figma plugin offered by the platform. With it, you can convert Figma design to React, Flutter, Kotlin, and SwiftUI code. However, in this blog, we will specifically focus on the Figma to React conversion. 


“Frontend development platform for web and mobile apps”.

Similar to DhiWise Locofy also generates frontend code for web and mobile apps. It supports React, React Native, HTML/CSS, Gatsby, and Next.js technologies. Locofy auto-generates production-ready code from Figma. 

Moreover, the platform provides some advanced features such as support for UI libraries, app deployment with Vercel, GitHub, and Netlify, Integration with design systems like Storybook, and so on.  

The Locofy Figma plugin allows you to auto-optimize design files with Figma best practices, manually or auto-tag interactive layers, define UX, create responsive prototypes, add actions, and more. And once you are happy with the live, responsive prototype provided in the plugin, you can sync your designs with Builder where you can create components, customize the generated code, and finally, export it.

Comparing DhiWise vs Locofy Figma plugins based on their features, generated code quality, pricing, ease of use, and support 

Key Features:

The following table demonstrates the key feature comparison between DhiWise vs Locofy. 

Features DhiWise Locofy
Figma design to code generation support for the technologies: React, Flutter, Kotlin (Android), SwiftUI (iOS) React, React Native, HTML/CSS, Gatsby, and Next.js
Generates reusable components Yes Yes
Support clean code architecture Yes No
Provides ready-to-use templates and screen library Yes No
Customize CSS and hover, active effects, and animations Does not provide customization support inside the plugin. It is available inside the platform Provide customization support for CSS, hover, active effects, and animation inside the plugin.
Support For material UI and ant design components No, instead it uses Tailwind CSS to generate UI code. Users can drag and drop pre-built Material UI, Bootstrap, Ant Design, and Chakra UI components into Figma Canvas or import the Storybook components into the plugin, and drag them onto the design (embedded with code).
Auto-identify design components and icons with high accuracy Yes No
100% code ownership Yes Yes

The quality of generated code

DhiWise supports clean code architecture and generates clean, scalable, readable, and easy-to-maintain code. On the other hand, Locofy encourages their users to use auto-layout Figma files and follow best Figma design practices, also it generates designs with Flexbox, therefore the quality of generated code is great. 


DhiWise and Locofy both are currently available in their beta version and are free to use. So if you are looking for a budget-friendly option to generate React code from Figma, you can choose anyone from the DhiWise and Locofy. 

Ease of use

Both DhiWise and Locofy are easy-to-use Figma plugins for React code generation. DhiWise allows UI customization only within its platform along with other supported features such as setting up actions, navigation, integrating API, Figma synchronization, integration with Storybook, Vercel, GitHub, and GitLab, and support for Responsive UI development all through an intuitive React Builder. The Locofy plugin provides CSS customization and animation features inside its Figma plugin. 

Customer support

DhiWise and Locofy both offer 24/7 support. However, DhiWise also provides community support through Discord, where developers share their insights on Flutter, React, and Figma design guidelines along with the latest technology updates. Locofy also offers community support through Slack. 


DhiWise and Locofy are both excellent Figma plugins for React that offer a wide range of features. However, there are some key differences between the two plugins. 

DhiWise Figma plugin generates UI code by auto-identifying design components, generates clean and scalable code that can be customized using its React Builder, and offers ready-to-use design templates and screen libraries. The Locofy plugin offers support for UI libraries and allows CSS customization within a plugin. 

If we compare the other factors such as ease of use, pricing, and customer support both plugins are excellent. In the case of code quality DhiWise offers support for clean code architecture while Locofy encourages the use of auto-layout figma files for generating high-quality code. 

Well, this is all about the DhiWise vs Locofy, now it's upon you to compare the offering and choose the right one for you for building your next React app.

Try DhiWise for free!

Happy coding!

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