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DhiWise: Deliver the Technology Overnight



May 27, 2021


May 27, 2021

With the increasing use of mobile devices and internet technology, mobile applications have become critical to business and other Institutions. For the business, it becomes the center of its branding strategy.  This leads to an increase in the demand for mobile applications, adding more pressure on software companies and their developers to deliver high-quality mobile applications faster.

How can developers and software companies solve this issue? Keep reading this article to find the solution.

Increased use of mobile devices

We are living in the era of digital technologies where nearly half of the world’s population is using mobile phones with 4.32 billion active mobile internet users. It means the business, education, financial, healthcare services, and other utility services can approach nearly half of the world population through mobile apps.

Mobile applications are vital for businesses and other institutions

From a business perspective, if companies don’t have a mobile app, they are falling behind their competitors and missing out on great opportunities to influence and attract potential customers.  For example, financial institutions can provide better online services to their customers through mobile apps. Education and training can be made accessible anywhere in the world using mobile applications.

The best example of how mobile apps can be useful to citizens, health professionals, and the government are the apps like “Arogya Setu” which were developed for the COVID-19 pandemic.

These apps are used for training, risk assessment, decision making, contact tracing of infected peoples, home monitoring, self-management of symptoms, vaccine reservation, etc.

In dire situations like the COVID-19 pandemic, developing a mobile app for the security of citizens becomes indispensable for the government. In a record time of 21 days, an “Arogya Setu” application was created in public-private cooperation to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

Difficulties faced by developers in mobile application development

Though it looks simple to reach billions of people through mobile applications from outside, in reality, there are multiple things organizations need to consider while developing mobile apps for their users. Besides that manually building mobile apps in a short time like 20 to 30 days is challenging for developers.

In IT organizations, the development team remains under pressure to build a quality app faster. There are other major challenges organizations and developers face while developing mobile apps and maintaining them. The biggest problem that mobile app developers face is managing their code update cycle.

When developers make major changes in the mobile app then they need to create a new API version for it.  In addition, all previous versions must be retained in order for the old versions of the application to remain functional. Further mobile app developers go through the hated job of testing and performance monitoring and improvement of mobile applications on hundreds of smartphones and tablets.

Overall, mobile application development is a time-consuming process. Still, the developer community works hard to deliver the app in record time. But as mobile apps are getting more vital for running a business, it is building more pressure on mobile app developers and testers.

What can be the best solution?

How can developers overcome these challenges of mobile app development and efficiently deliver quality apps faster? The solution is simple, mobile app developers need a platform where they can automatically generate a code and API, test and maintain the application and get ready to deploy features for faster app development.

DhiWise is the best fit here. The platform not only solves the above issues but also provides many other functionalities to build apps faster.

What is DhiWise and how does it help developers to build apps faster?

DhiWise is a 100% developer-centric application development platform that enables developers to build high-quality Node.js and Kotlin applications faster by instantly generating the source code for them. Here are some of its best features:

  1. Generates Node.js and Kotlin source code
    Developers can instantly generate Node.js and Kotlin source code with few inputs like configuring database schemas, authentication, routes, and constants.
  2. Flexibility to customize code
    DhiWise provides flexibility to add custom code to the application enabling developers to implement complex business logic.
  3. Version control
    Version control enables the development team to be on the same page and reduces rework caused due to errors during the development cycle.
  4. Authentication and access control
    It supports work from a home culture with role-based access control so that the resources can be accessed securely by the development team from remote locations.
  5. Easy maintenance and testing
    DhiWise simplifies code maintenance and testing with an intuitively designed user interface and following the TDD approach for testing.
  6. Ready to deploy features
    Developers can generate APIs, utilize NPM packages and Utilities rather than building apps from scratch.

Other than the above there are other features like browser-friendly app development, clean code architecture, cybersecurity, and single-click up-gradation for language versions.

For the new developers and students DhiWise offers curated set of lessons for web and mobile app development through DhiWise course library that include everything from the basic to advanced level app development tutorials.

To know about our features and supported technologies click here.

What developers and IT organizations can achieve from Dhiwise?

DhiWise accelerates the software development process, improves code quality through a clean code architecture, and supports code reuse. Developers and IT organizations can use the Dhiwise platform to increase their productivity by delivering mobile applications faster without compromising code quality.