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Convert Sketch to Code with DhiWise- A Developer Friendly Platform for App Development



August 8, 2022


August 8, 2022

A good user interface facilitates better customer engagement and can turn potential visitors into loyal customers. It not only focuses on the design aesthetics but also takes care of what users might need to do with the interface elements, making them highly interactive and easily accessible.

DhiWise is the revolutionary ProCode LowCode platform for web and mobile application development that allows developers to build highly interactive apps by providing state-of-the-art features such as design to code, UI component customization, API integration, and so on.

Well, in this blog we will explore its design-to-code feature and how it helps convert the design in Sketch to Code in a few minutes. 

A brief about the Design to Code feature in DhiWise

To make the app development more efficient DhiWise provides Design to Code features. With this, developers can quickly generate front-end applications without impacting the code quality. In fact, the platform supports clean code architecture and generates scalable code in a few steps. 

So, if you have your design ready in Figma, Sketch, or Adobe XD you can convert it into your desired code i.e Flutter, Android (Kotlin), iOS (Swift), and React.js with DhiWise.

However, for now, we will only focus on the Sketch to Code conversion.

Sketch to Code: How does it work in DhiWise?

Whether you are building web or mobile application, DhiWise allows you to generate the code for various front-end technologies with its innovative  app builders:

  1. Sketch to Flutter  with DhiWise Flutter Builder
  2. Sketch to React.js with React Web  App Builder
  3. Sketch to Kotlin with Android App Builder
  4. Sketch to Swift  with iOS App Builder

To understand how it works let’s start converting the Sketch design to React code with DhiWise React Web App Builder. The remaining App builders work similarly for your Sketch to Code conversion.


Steps to convert Sketch design to React code 🪜

Step 1: Sign up or Log in with DhiWise

Log in or sign up for DhiWise with your Google or GitHub account.


Step 2: Create a new application

Next, on the Dashboard create a new Application by clicking on the New Application button.


Step 3: Select the technology 

Here you can select the technology for your app development. As for now, we will choose the React web app as our application development technology.


Step 4: Add the application name and select Sketch as your app design 

Create a new application by adding the application name, and then select Sketch as your design platform. 

It will ask you to import your Sketch file to the platform with drag and drop or browsing. 


And once you finish uploading your Sketch file you will get the following message. 


Step 5: Download the converted Figma file from the email and import it to Figma

Once you upload the Sketch file to DhiWise, it will get converted into the Figma design and sent back to your inbox. It may take a single working day to receive your Figma file in case your file has any errors. Download the converted design file and import it to your Figma account.


Step 6:  Import Figma File to DhiWise

Copy the Figma URL of the file from your Figma account. And import the Figma file to DhiWise using the same URL. It will only take a few seconds to import your Figma file from the account and fetch the screen resources in DhiWise platform.


Step 7: Customize screen component 

Select the app screens that you want to customize. Change component view, add action, set up navigation, customize API, and more. 

Once the customization is done click build an app and generate the application source. You can download this generated code or sync it with the GitHub and GitLab repository to simplify code sharing and collaboration. 

For more information on React Web App development with DhiWise read this article. 


You can watch our Youtube video:  Convert your Figma design to React + setup navigation | full website

The Bottom Line

Now you know how to convert your design in Sketch to React Code you can follow the same steps for Sketch to Flutter, Sketch to Kotlin, and Sketch to Swift code conversion. 

With DhiWise you don’t need to overwork, just focus on the complex task and leave the monotonous work to DhiWise.

So whatever app you are building, if you want it faster start using DhiWise.

Know more about its DhiWise features and Sign up now to start using it and bring better change to your app development with more efficiency and correctness.

Thank you for reading!