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Convert Your Design to Code for Your Mobile Apps and Web

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July 24, 2023


July 24, 2023

Convert Your Design to Code for Your Mobile Apps and Web

The effective collaboration of the designers and developers decides the success of any mobile or web application.

Sometimes the designers may need help to convert their concepts into reality if they lack a strong development team.

Of course, converting design to code in any application development is daunting and time-consuming.

You have come to the right place if you work in mobile or web application development and are looking for the best approach to convert your design to front-end code.

DhiWise is a platform where developers can convert their design to code for web and mobile applications. It automates the application development lifecycle and quickly generates modular, readable, and reusable code.

It accurately recognizes UI components and allows developers to customize the output code via an easy-to-use interface.

 Before exploring the outstanding features of DhiWise, let us see the key points to consider before selecting a platform for converting your design to code.

Things to consider while converting your design to code

There are many things to consider while selecting a platform for converting your design to code in your web or mobile application.

The following are some of the key points:

Tool selection

Before selecting a tool for converting your design to code, define your project requirements and product expectations. Also, you can confirm the support for the output you want, ease of use, and offered features from the provider.

File compatibility

Ensure the tool can handle the design file format you are using. Photoshop, Sketch, Figma, and Adobe XD are common design file types. Verify if the selected platform offers direct import or integration options for your design file format.

Code quality

Analyse the tool's output for both quality and cleanliness. Ensure the structure, styles, and interactions are clear, readable, and adhere to best practices. Future updates and maintenance will be more precise with clean and maintainable code.


Check if the tool supports breakpoints and lets you define alternative layouts for various screen sizes if you need a responsive design. Also, you can see if it offers tools for evaluating and modifying the design at multiple breakpoints.


Identify the tool's level of customization. The resulting code should be flexible to add custom styles, interactions, or functionality. Ensure the tool gives you complete freedom to implement these changes.


A good design-to-code tool offers flexibility and personalization. It should include options for modifying or improving the generated code to satisfy some requirements.

Performance optimization

Verify whether the tool generates performance-optimized code. It should consider methods like code minification, image optimization, and asset caching to improve the performance of your website or app overall.

Support and updates

Review the tool's update schedule, user base, and support options. A healthy user base and frequent updates show that the tool is being actively maintained and enhanced. Additionally, access to reliable support services might be beneficial if you need help or encounter problems.

By considering these elements, you may select a design-to-code tool that best meets your requirements and enables you to quickly convert your design to front-end code while preserving quality, responsiveness, and scalability.

How does DhiWise benefit developers and designers?

The DhiWise Figma to Code plugin ensures excellent code quality, scalability, and customization flexibility. It also provides high accuracy and consistency between design and code. This plugin can make you confident that your design concept will convert into a production-ready program.

For designers

The plugin gives designers access to a vast library of app screens in various categories and more than 100 ready-to-use design templates. With the help of these design resources, designers can quickly create beautiful apps, give them their touches, and share them via the Figma plugin with the developer's team.

For developers

By automatically detecting the design, iconography, reusable components, and actions and deleting duplicates and errors, the plugin enables developers to write clean app code in minutes. 

Additionally, the platform allows developers to customize code, create responsive user interfaces, view UI designs in real-time, export specific screens, sync code with Figma, and do anything else necessary for accelerating development.

Overall, the design-to-development process is streamlined by the DhiWise plugin, enabling designers and developers to collaborate more effectively.

How does DhiWise convert your design to code?

With its advanced Figma to Code plugin, DhiWise enables developers to instantly get design prototypes from the Figma platform and transform them into high-quality application UI code.

Figma is a preferred option for designers and design teams due to its extensive feature set, which includes vector editing, real-time collaboration, and design version management.

You may use DhiWise to convert Figma to code for the following technologies, enabling you to create web and mobile applications more quickly and precisely.

  • Flutter (Mobile app)
  • React (Web app)
  • SwiftUI (iOS app)
  • Kotlin (Android app)

Even if you do not have a Figma design, you can use DhiWise's ready-to-use, expertly-designed app templates, and screen collection.

What are the features of DhiWise for design to code?

React, Flutter, Android (Kotlin), iOS (Swift), and Node.js are just a few of the many technologies supported by DhiWise. The platform aims to automate app development to accelerate the process while allowing for complete code customization.

It handles all development requirements by offering the tools to create an application quickly and successfully. 

Here is a summary of the main DhiWise features enabling developers to develop high-calibre apps rapidly.

Application setup

DhiWise gives a platform for developers to set up their applications and develop stunning apps by following simple steps. You can add your design files quickly and select what is needed in your application configuration.

  • Pre-built screens
  • Templates library
  • Design import
  • Multiple platform support

Smart editor

The smart editor covers all the developer ergonomics. It gives developers the appropriate and convenient amount of hands-on, creative space to create the app they want without sacrificing any of their practices or continually returning to Figma design.

  • Modify component properties
  • Change component
  • Keyboard shortcuts for everything
  • Live error detection
  • Declarative syntax

Easy navigation

It gives you rapid access to the things you need, such as quickly switching to Figma design, setting your splash screen with a few clicks, and viewing all your screen information in one place.

  • Screen list with details
  • Easily navigate to Figma design

Manage app life cycle

You can manage your app's lifecycle to decide how its state should change. Add various operations to it, such as navigation and API interaction.

  • Social authentication
  • Set up conditional flow
  • Navigation
  • Store to preferences/local storage

Set actions

With DhiWise, you can easily set up every activity you want in your app, including the navigation flow, runtime permissions, and user authentication.

  • Firebase and Supabase integration
  • API integration
  • Runtime permissions
  • Authentication
  • Back navigation
  • File upload
  • Validations

Code sync

You can get your whole code once your application is finished creating, share a preview, get it into your IDE, or easily sync it with your Git repository.

  • Download code
  • Support of GitHub and GitLab

Auto component detection

All of your designs are automatically recognised by DhiWise and converted into code. It even automatically recognizes activities and sets them up early so you can quickly and easily create stunning apps.

  • Icon identification
  • Component identification
  • Auto action setup

Why DhiWise for design to code?

The DhiWise Figma to Code plugin offers many significant advantages for converting your design to code.

Better developer handoffs

Any project's success depends on developers and designers having effective communication. Better developer handoffs can result from bridging the gap between design and development using the Figma plugin for converting the design to code.

Reduce the time to market

The plugin automates the highly accurate process of translating design to code, saving time and effort for both designers and developers, ultimately leading to a more precise implementation of the original concept.

Additionally, developers can edit and modify the generated code to match project requirements using the DhiWise app builder or any other IDE. Overall, it helps speed up the process of turning designs to code.


The plugin creates scalable code that is simple to modify to fit the project's future expansions or modifications. It guarantees that design components are applied consistently.

With the plugin for design to code, you can focus on other crucial project elements, such as user experience and functionality, while ensuring that the end product precisely matches everyone's expectations.

Better collaboration

The plugin makes it easier for designers and developers to collaborate, allowing them to do so more productively. Additionally, using DhiWise's GitHub and GitLab connection features, developers can share their code with collaborators and other users.

Code ownership

Developers control 100% of the code produced by the DhiWise Plugin, so they may easily download and use it wherever they like. They can use the DhiWise platform or their own IDE to alter the code.


Since time is the most valuable resource for developers, why waste it on tedious chores when design-to-code translation can be automated?

DhiWise steps in to help in this situation.

Its excellent features enable you to complete your task faster, regardless of whether you are developing mobile or web applications with various technologies.

To improve the precision of your design-to-code conversion, try the UI kit recommended by DhiWise. Learn more about its features and utilize them to improve your app development more efficiently and accurately.

Find out more about DhiWise and sign up now!!

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

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