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Boost Your React Development Workflow with the React Sandbox

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Rakesh Purohit

ReactJS Developer Advocate
September 6, 2023

Rakesh Purohit

September 6, 2023

As a React developer, I've had the opportunity to work on a multitude of projects and products and solve a ton of technical challenges. One tool that has consistently proven to be invaluable in my development journey is the React Sandbox.

What is Sandbox in React?

React Sandbox is an online code editor tailored for web applications, specifically for React development. It provides a platform for developers to write and test their React code in isolation, without the need to set up a local development environment. This makes it an excellent tool for prototyping, learning, and sharing code snippets.

How do you use React in Sandbox?

Using React in Sandbox is straightforward. You start by creating a new sandbox for your React project. The platform provides a default template with a simple React app that renders a "Hello, Sandbox!" message. You can edit this template to suit your needs, add new components, import dependencies, and even integrate with version control systems like GitHub.

Is CodeSandbox safe?

Yes, CodeSandbox is safe. It runs the code in a secure container, isolated from your local system. This means you can experiment with new libraries and technologies without worrying about affecting your local environment.

How do I run a code on Sandbox?

Running code on Sandbox is as easy as clicking the "Run" button. The platform automatically compiles and runs your React app in a live preview window. Any changes you make to the code are instantly reflected in this window, allowing you to see the results of your code in real-time.

How do I create a Sandbox in react JS?

Creating a sandbox in React JS is a simple process. You just need to navigate to the CodeSandbox website, click on the "Create Sandbox" button, and select the React template. This will create a new sandbox with a default React app that you can start editing right away.

Where can I practice React online?

There are several online platforms where you can practice React, and CodeSandbox is one of them. It provides a fully-featured online code editor with a live preview, making it a great playground for experimenting with React code. Other platforms include StackBlitz,, and Glitch.

What is better than CodeSandbox?

While CodeSandbox is a fantastic tool for React development, there are other online code editors that you might find more suitable depending on your needs. StackBlitz, for example, offers a similar feature set but with a focus on speed and performance., on the other hand, supports a wider range of programming languages.

Is CodeSandbox free to use?

Yes, CodeSandbox is free to use. It offers a free tier with access to most features, including the online code editor, live preview, and public sandboxes. There are also paid plans available that offer additional features like private sandboxes, team collaboration, and priority support.

What is sandboxing code?

Sandboxing code refers to the practice of running code in an isolated environment to prevent it from interacting with the rest of the system. This is particularly useful when testing untrusted code or experimenting with new libraries and technologies.

How do I download CodeSandbox code?

To download code from CodeSandbox, you simply need to open the sandbox you want to download, click on the "File" menu, and select "Export to ZIP". This will download a ZIP file containing all the files in the sandbox, which you can then extract and use in your local development environment.

In conclusion, React Sandbox is a powerful tool that every React developer should have in their toolkit. It simplifies the development process, promotes best practices, and fosters a culture of sharing and collaboration among developers. With the help of tools like WiseGPT, a promptless Generative AI for React developers, you can write code in your style without context limit. It even provides API integration by accepting Postman collection and supports extending UI in the VSCode itself. So go ahead, give React Sandbox a try, and see the magic happen!

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

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