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Build apps faster and better with ‘DhiWise Android Builder’

Work alongside a modern platform that automates coding, improves scalability and loads directly on your browser


Design-to-Code platform

App development becomes easier if you can convert visual elements directly to Kotlin code. But how?

At DhiWise, we ensure quick UI-to-Code conversions and allow app developers to experience the diverse benefits of the Kotlin app development, hands-on. With us, you have access to:

  • Automated code generation
  • Native app development
  • Zero app crashes
  • Faster application lifecycle
  • Better App UI management
  • Collaborative development

Fast, Effective & Accurate.

Concise, clear, and intelligent code generation at your fingertips…. with ProCode

What is our ‘ProCode’ vision?

Conventional coding can be tedious and time-consuming, whereas low-code makes the app weaker and less efficient. At DhiWise, we put ProCode to use for helping you develop an app in the least possible time but with increased efficiency.

ProCode automates repetitive code blocks, helps access preset functionality, converts UI to Kotlin code, supports iterative changes, supports backend functionality and improves application time-to-market.


Pillars of our Kotlin app development platform


Visual Builder

Integrate Figma designs, tokens, and IDs of choice at the onset to get the app development process up and running in no time. Our UI builder takes every design element into account, including buttons, widgets, and texts and converts them into usable Kotlin code.


Firebase Integration

Connect your app to a more organized cloud Firebase database with focus on improving uptime, offline query handling, comprehensive read & write access for arrays and numeric operators, and scalability.


Screen Navigator

Select how the app behaves in real-time by setting up the screen navigation flow at will. Place dialog boxes, customize widgets, enable use-cases, pass parameters, and put app screens in any given order with DhiWise by your side. Also, keep an eye on the UI and DhiWise code, concurrently.


Constraint Layout

Decipher complex app layouts and improve UI responsiveness in a matter of seconds. Try out relative positioning of UI elements, handle dimension constraints, visibility behavior, circular positioning, widgets, and child views of the app by setting constraints and positional dependencies..


Browser-Based Access

No need to install code viewers on your device and instead hook up directly with our Kotlin development platform via the browser to read code as you develop. Keep the device responsive and less prone to crashes.


Splash Screens

Present a more aesthetic view of the startup screen to the users, while your app fetches data from the backend. Select the splash screen that resonates perfectly with your application and eventually minimizes bounce rates.


Screen Repository

Now create apps without prior Figma handling experience. Select from a wide range of app screens from our handpicked collection to get your app development underway.


Code Export

Generate the ProCode directly on the browser, export the same as it is, connect it to the concerned IDE, and test the app performance. In case of any errors, you can make necessary changes in the required module in DhiWise and repeat the process.

Why DhiWise for app development?


Optimized Lifecycle

We aim to simplify, accelerate, and optimize every stage of your application lifecycle via the intelligent, browser-based platform.


Redefined User Experience

We aim to simplify, accelerate, and optimize every stage of your application lifecycle via the intelligent, browser-based platform.


Clean Code Architecture

We guarantee app development based on clean code architecture where one stage of the development process can only interact outward with another. This minimizes app dependencies and you can easily spot bugs, develop apps faster, impress the stakeholders, and lower the maintenance liabilities.



As features, resources, and interactive elements are isolated, courtesy of the clean code architecture, we ensure that you can scale the app and its features at any given time, without hitting roadblocks.


Up and Beyond the MVP

Our initiative to integrate Firebase as the backend lets you add new features, queries, and operational requirements even after launching the MVP. If the layout turns complex in the process, there are constraints to manage them without needing nesting.



We ensure that generated and exported code cannot be reverse-engineered across any stage, which immunizes the app against hackers and cyber attackers.


Collaborative Presence

If you have multiple developers working on the same project, DhiWise allows you to create a collaborative environment to speed up development.

DhiWise Exclusives :

What makes us Different from any Low-Code or No-Code Platform?

Full Stack

Backend or frontend, at DhiWise, we have every app development process covered.


DhiWise lets you use APIs, either for scaling Figma UI to fit or managing app-specific actions.

centric code

We provide MVVM clean code architecture leaving room for developers to explore their creativity.

Native App

Keep native app functionalities intact by staying connected with Figma across multiple stages.


Pick from a wide range of templates, UI screens, and Splash screens, for building a wholesome app.

What’s next for our Android Builder?

Wish to dig your claws deeper into those complex Android apps. Well, here are some of the upcoming resources to keep you interested:

  • Dark theme
  • Workflow builder
  • Push notifications
  • Payment Gateway

Benefits of investing in DhiWise

  • Lesser coding
  • Access to upcoming technologies
  • Access to platform-specific guides and videos
  • Development-ready in no time
  • Easy maintenance of Project
  • Progressive bug fixes and UI enhancements, without you even asking
  • Free onboarding

Still intrigued and willing to know more about our state-of-art Kotlin Development platform?