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Your beloved Flutter Builder at the
Flutter Conference

The first and largest Flutter-focussed conference, held in Bengaluru, India.

Android or iOS; every modern-day business needs a mobile application to thrive and survive without you, having to code from the scratch.DhiWise’s Flutter Builder lets you do just that using Dart as the programming language.

But before we get to the good part, here is a fun bit to help you connect
the dots.

But before we get to the good part, here is a fun bit to help you connect the dots.

It’s as easy as baking a cake!

The Flutter Builder helps you use the GUI to ideate the app as per your vision. Once done, it generates the code. And it’s not just any code and adheres to the following tricks of the trade:



GetX state management
Clean code architecture

But what does all that mean:

Better Reusability
Highly maintainable code



Developers will love it!

We have been saying this for a long time; every developer will fall in love with the Flutter Builder. Here is why:


The final code is extremely readable


Every app component is declared with clarity and is reusable


The code interface is as responsive as it gets


And as mentioned, the data flow associated with the code elements is top-notch

Putting together the app beats a Lego model any day!

Enough about the code! Now let’s shift the focus to putting the app together. And trust us, it’s as easy as it can get!



Here are a few validations that make sense:
Flexible UIs that help you work with design-heavy features.
Exceptional Figma compatibility
Screen-to-screen navigation made simple
Multiple elements to make the Flutter Mobile app as interactive as possible
Accurate component identification

(a button is detected a button at design and code levels)

But that’s not all of it. Our Flutter Builder even lets you:
Define the application lifecycle to suit end-user requirements
Generate clean code keeping every widget, element, and design component in mind



The Curious Case of APIs

Every application requires APIs. Your order at a restaurant must go through the waiter to reach the kitchen. The waiter is the API. Very important.
Here is how our Flutter Builder helps you set APIs for your application:

Quick response addition and deletion

Manual API integrations

Auto API uploads using existing Postman collections

Error-free code reflection



Sigh! Quite a bit to offer, right?

Well, the cake is ready for you to enjoy. But before you do, here are a few palatable sprinkles:


No Figma expertise! Fret not, as the Builder has pre-defined templates suiting your business needs.


Virtual app deployment before the MVP is released


Builder features and traits are updated as per the latest version of Flutter.


Your app has multiple screens, and you are confused about the layout! Worry not, as there is a screen library to pick from


An app development novice, are you? Worry not as you can find every tool to start right, at DhiWise University.


Who can benefit
from DhiWise
Flutter Builder?

Even though it’s hugely developer-friendly, the Flutter Builder isn’t only meant for the devs:


Product managers who are concerned about GTM speeds


CTOs who want to enhance the frequency of team sprints


Designers who want to deploy UI components with minimal code-specific dependencies

It's as easy as this. You simply need to import the designs, build the app, get the code for the same, and simply deploy the app.


We assume you have questions already! Note them down, and ask us, stat. Our team is there at the booth, or you could also join our Discord community.

Know more about the speaker at Flutter Conf India

Rahul Patel

Rahul Patel is a tech executive obsessed with mobile app development. He’s led a team of 20+ engineers to build 200+ applications over seven years. He’s focused on making app development an expressive art instead of confused labour. He’s a part of the founding team of DhiWise and has played a pivotal role in making it what it is today.