App actions are now easy to assign with DhiWise…

Let our UI Builder manage view components, actions, and other core functions with ease…

Why does the UI Builder for iOS make perfect sense?

{Interactive apps, Logic implementation, and Scope for validation}


Splash Screen

DhiWise iOS Builder lets you access the existing screens, depending on the design route you choose to go with. Once the list is available, you can set any layout as the splash screen, which would be visible to the users, the first time the app loads.


Listed UI Elements

Our UI Builder adheres to the principles of the UIViewController and enlists every component and the view hierarchy of the screen in focus. This feature makes it easier to manage actions, by selecting the element directly on the screen or picking it up from the list.


App Lifecycle

Our iOS Builder ensures that you have complete control over the UI, courtesy of the app lifecycle access. You can even select the ViewDidLoad method and the associated actions to ensure minimal crashes and faster view loading.



Do you want to exhibit better control over the UI Fields and text-specific components? Our ProCode-powered iOS Builder supports UITextField Validations to ensure that specific, clickable elements only function or get enabled when required text is fed into the corresponding field.

Manage UI Components with an Eye on Customizability…

Explore the world of UIViewController, app lifecycle, splash screen, modifiable UI components and views, and more with DhiWise iOS Builder at your disposal. Now use the visual builder to build the most functional app ever, whilst getting production-ready code at your fingertips.