Test the App Code out of the Main Server!

Our Sandbox support lets you take code ownership to the next level by supporting external deployment and testing.

Why do app developers adore Sandbox support?

{Quick Testing, Vulnerability Check, and API Deployment}


Mirrored Environment

 DhiWise lets you migrate the code to an external, mirrored production setup, to test and deploy the application for validating code quality, resources, and responses before the MVP hits the market.


Explore Errors

 Still trying to find your way around the perfect code! Well, get quick access to it at our Node.js builder and test it over a virtually simulated environment to check for errors in logic implementation, outside the main server.


Isolate Execution

With Sandbox support you can isolate the entire application from the main network, just to ensure that no one can track the same or the existing tests do not interfere with the existing state.


API Sandbox

Now simply download the Postman collection for the given application and import it directly onto the Sandbox for testing the simulated responses. This functionality lets you understand the nature of the actual API and how it will behave in real-time.

Code Testing has never been this easy before….

Take your code outside the main server to test, deploy, check, and validate with Sandbox support. Plus, test the APIs as well to ensure that the connections to the server are working as desired.