Set Permissions that Match Authority

Define and restrict specific app functionalities and backend operations, via role-based access. Now create an app that caters to guest accounts, registered users, and the admin panel alike, but with disparate functionalities.

Why Does Role Access Make Sense?



Model-Based Access

Set backend authorization by selecting models and role-based tables that you want to set actions for. Only the defined actions are accessible to the users synonymous to a particular model.


CRUD Operations, revisited

Define model-specific actions by choosing from Create, View, Update, and Delete. The Node.js Builder then pairs specific database info and values to match one or multiple CRUD-specific actions.


Customize Roles

Node.js builder allows you to customize the role names, description, and even update or delete the same, if needed. Once a role is defined, existing app models appear for the same role and you can define actions and relevant indirect permissions accordingly.

App Access Patterns that Adhere to Specific Roles!

Make role-based access control the easiest app-specific trait to set up with DhiWise Node.js Builder. Create app models and database support to assign specific actions to each model, based on the role, authority, and need for permissions. Clubbed with environment variables, tables, and middleware, the developed apps become capable of functioning across diverse platforms.