Do you want to tweak existing layouts with app-specific relevance?

Our Flutter Builder offers a dedicated dashboard for you to manage views and actions at will…

Why is layout customization such a pivotal resource?

{Bird’s Eye View and Logic Implementation}


Granular View

View the complete list of the existing app screens, imported resources, and even Figma prototypes in the most detailed way ever. You can select any screen or group of screens to work on them further.


Action Creator

You can assign any screen as the Splash Screen for making app usage a more wholesome experience. Plus, you can right-click on any screen component to create an action, like showing alerts, back navigation, and more, that would define it better at the deployment stage.


View Changer

Every screen comes with a handful of components or widgets for cross-platform app development. But our builder lets you change the view of a component in a few clicks to modify functionality, as per the app’s logic.


On Ready Life Cycle

For now, our Flutter Builder supports the On Ready Widget lifecycle method for specific UI components. This resource lets you handle component navigation, alerts, dependencies, and API usage to make the UI and eventually the app elements, more dynamic or rather Stateful.

Rejig UI components to create the best version of your app…

Rely on our Flutter Builder to see you through specific actions and view changes for relevant UI elements. Plus, with the widget lifecycle method adhered to, the elements can be made static or dynamic, at the visual and code level, without breaking a sweat. Simply use the GUI to allocate traits and let our code generator do the rest.