Collaborative code management is here to stay….

Now sync your project to Git repositories as a part of a team-based app development setup

Why is Git Integration Important?

{Collaborative management and singular code availability}


Git of Choice

Once the app is deployed and the code is generated, you can efficiently sync it to Gitlab for accessing private repositories or GitHub for accessing unlimited repositories for better app-level infrastructure management.


Version Control

Keep a track of the changes made to the code by other team members, courtesy of version control. At DhiWise, you can keep the remote repository in sync with the local code repository to help track and manage specific changes to the code.


Commits and Pulls

Once you sync the local iOS code repository to Git, you can track the commits or changes made by others whilst sending out pull requests to branch out those commits and work on the code, discreetly.

Code management made accessible, easy, and performant

DhiWise iOS Builder offers complete code ownership and even lets you sync the same to Git platforms for making the snippet remotely available. Plus, multiple team members can keep working on the repository code and every change, nature of the modification, and the time of the change are made available at your fingertips to analyze the state of the application.