Import responsive UI layouts and get production-ready code, in a heartbeat…

Working with a team of UI/UX designers! Migrate design, layouts, and screens to our iOS Builder to develop the best app ever. Also, have the code ready in an instant.

How does the Design-to-Code Approach Help Developers?

{Exhaustive Choices, Quick Development, and Instant Code Generation}


Multi-App Support

Now let your designers have the freedom of working on the application of choice for ideating the perfect UI layout. DhiWise iOS Builder lets you import designs from Adobe XD, Sketch, and obviously the designer's favorite Figma.


Code Generation

Our ProCode vision strikes the perfect balance between visual development tools and code support. While you can seamlessly import designs to our builder and further customize the same to suit the logic, you can concurrently work on the intelligently generated code.


Prototype Imports

Looking to skip navigations and jump straight to API integrations and actions! Well, our iOS builder supports the same by letting you import Figma prototypes that already have built-in navigation ingrained within, thereby cutting down the development effort further.

Get App Store ready applications, in virtually no time

If you plan on building a resourceful iOS application, you must focus relentlessly on getting the design up to the snuff. Our iOS Builder lets you focus completely on interactive and responsive designs whilst supporting quick, hassle-free imports and intelligent code conversions.