Worried about hours of repetitive coding?

Now instantly convert your UI designs into production-ready source code…

What makes design-to-code important for developers?

{Speed, Ease, and Control}


Support for Multiple Apps

Now design layouts, individual UI elements, screens, and prototypes using a wide range of applications that we extend support to, including Figma, Adobe XD, and Sketch.


Faster Imports

Migrate any design or layout of choice to the Flutter Builder from the mentioned applications. Once the design is available, you can work on it using the visual resources and even at the code level.



Besides design and layouts, you can even import prefabricated prototypes from Figma to our Flutter Builder. This feature cuts out the need for updating the code snippets, especially for adding navigations.


Source Code Generation 

Regardless of the design, layout, UI element, or prototype you import, our Flutter Builder quickly converts it to usable code. This approach gives you better control over the app, at an elementary level.

Use your Vision to Build Apps like a Pro

Do you have a visually appealing idea in mind for the application? Now make it a reality by first creating a layout of choice and then immediately importing it to the Flutter Builder for ready code. Could it get any simpler?