Traditional Code Writing is now old and obsolete!

Explore Design-to-Code first hand. Import Figma designs as per the App’s UI/UX preference and let us turn them into usable codes.

Why Developers Might Need Design-to-Code Support More than Ever?



Quick UI Imports

Assign Figma ID, Token, and App Details to get started. Sit back and let us import the preferred visual layout that needs to be converted into codes.


Code Generator

Turn each visual element of the design into ready code. Also, minimize efforts focused at boilerplate code as our intelligent code generator weeds out verbosity.


Navigate, as you May

Set visual routes for the apps once you have the UI to play around with. Choose from the imported UIs and make the app more dynamic.


Integrate APIs

Ensure every visual element of the Figma design responds dynamically to user requests. Assign an API to each element, as deemed fit


Product Flavors

Do you want to create different app variants without modifying the codebase? Try product flavors from DhiWise to suit the app as per the device requirements. Custom app resources, source code, and standard API levels are persisted with, allowing you to add or append features depending on the functionality you wish to provide.

Visual App Development, Personified!

Have a visual idea for your App UI! The Design-to-Code generator lets you transform every element of the comprehensive UI, i.e., colors, Strings, Fonts, Components, and more, into code. Generate source code and export to a platform of choice for virtual and ADB testing.