Empower your App to receive Documented Credentials

Customize your app to support document-specific authentication as a part of the app configuration module.

Why is it important to focus on attachments?




Select the platform that you need to activate the settings for. You can choose between admin, desktop, and mobile app or configure all at once.


File Type

You are free to select the file type as per the options available in the dropdown menu. Plus, you can even limit the file size for a speedier user experience. Lastly, the file frequency can also be selected, in the form of single or multiple uploads.


AUTH Setup

Once configured, you can set up a separate Auth model to add yet another line of security. Pre-configure the AUTH model beforehand to make the integration seamless.

Allow File Uploads as a part of App Inclusivity

Choose between image file, EXE file, and any other resource to be uploaded onto the application. Configure your Node.js app better with this feature and improve app inclusivity.