Bid adieu to traditional API integration methods…

Our iOS Builder makes API integration as easy as spelling APIs, with no need to manually manage models, user defaults, and repetitive codes.

How does API Integration help developers?

{Quick uploads and Clickable Integrations}


Faster API Uploads

Now get APIs onto the iOS Builder by uploading a Postman file or assigning APIs manually by taking body, params, and URL into account. Once the APIs are added, you can edit them at will, by accessing the dedicated API integration icon.


Data Binding

Regardless of the application screen, API integrations offered by DhiWise iOS Builder are quick and efficient. Plus, you can bind API keys to specific UI components or the view or even User Defaults to make the app responsive and interactive enough.


Response Handling

API responses are integral to an iOS application. At DhiWise, we allow you to bind the keys to NSUserDefaults to make them available as cached, user-specific, default actions.  You can even set subsequent actions and error alerts, depending on the state of the response.


Source Code Generation

Swift-backed iOS app development previously needed you to handle models, networks, and other requirements at the code level. Our visually powered iOS Builder lets you check every code-level input as well for the subsequent steps whilst keeping the code elements well-networked with Alamofire.

All-Inclusive iOS Applications aren’t Myths anymore…

Our complete, multi-faceted API integration support lets you add relevant actions to specific app components for making the entire app extremely responsive and interactive. And, sweetening the pot further is the high-quality, intelligently generated, production-ready source code.