Envision a Dynamic App Ecosystem, with APIs

Let the disparate app components respond automatically to requests by defining APIs. Explore the perks of API integration to make life easier for app users. Also, select API integration as the preferred Action to set an activity to the selected UI component.

How the API Manager Helps Developers?



Postman Upload

Directly feed the JSON schema comprising relevant APIs into the DhiWise interface. Make changes, integrate the APIs, or download the edited JSON file to view in the Postman interface


Manual Integration

Add APIs directly by selecting the navigating URL, type of API call, parameters, and subsequent response. Determine how the app behaves by creating a part of the business logic.


Auto API Integration

Pick up a predefined API from the created datasets to integrate it with the assigned UI element. This minimizes downtime and speeds up Time-to-Market.


API Filtering

Assign the functionality of the API by choosing the type of call you expect it to return. Once the API type is assigned, let us generate the boilerplate code sections.

Empower your App to make Decisions!

Assign APIs to every UI component to let it work as an independent app element. Increase app agility in the process, pair components with legacy systems if you may, and eventually create a user experience worth remembering.