How to manage your project and code for a cross-platform and multi-team setup?

Rely on our Git Integrations to take you through!

Why is project syncing an effective strategy for enterprises?

{Improved collaboration, unified codebase, and quicker code access}


Git Syncs

Once Version 1 of your project is ready, you can sync the source code to GitHub or Gitlab repositories. This approach improves code availability and accessibility regardless of the device you are accessing the Flutter Builder from.


Improved Cross-Platform Development

With the code synced to a unified repository, Flutter’s vision of a single codebase approach is adhered to. This functionality lets you develop apps for android and iOS without having to make massive changes to the code structure.


Improved Version Control

Git synchronization lets you view and pull changes made to the codebase by other team members. This approach lets you work with multi-team collaborative setups without breaking a sweat.

Managing source code is now easier than you think….

At DhiWise, we allow access to a DevOps tool as well for helping you manage, use, and deploy source code better. Plus, the Git syncing ensures that multiple developers can keep working concurrently on a non-linear project, without impacting the code sanity and cleanliness.