Make the UI Respond to User Requests, without Fail

Configure the Figma UI components in real-time in a bid to implement logic and of course Actions. Creating an app that responds to user commands is only a few clicks away.

Why the Action Creator housed within the Kotlin Builder make sense?



Set Navigations

Determine how the app visuals flow, iteratively. Lead one UI projection seamlessly to another by choosing Navigation as the preferred action.


Manage Permissions

Ensure that clicking on a button returns a call for credentials. You can customize the way details are fed in response, by assigning actions.


Define API Response

Request API callback if one has been integrated with the clickable element. Add APIs manually by defining parameters or access a predefined one, as preferred.


Alert Management

Let a click open a dialog box with alerts, messages, and intimations. In time, make the app more intuitive and proactive by setting response to alerts or assigning database access, accordingly.


Authenticate UI

DhiWise lets you select the Authentication module of choice while setting up actions. Now allow the user to access app resources using Facebook and Google Authentication. Also, activate the app to accept Biometric credentials, provided it is running on a compatible device.

Let the App go beyond the UI Components!

Setting actions to the visual elements is what defines a fully functional application. Kotlin Builder aims to achieve cent percent app functionality and more by letting you set actions to the UI components, either by clicking directly onto the visual elements or defining the same over the View Tree.