Conditional Flow, Figma-to-code Plugin V2, and much more!

Attention developers! Our app builders have become more powerful and feature-packed in 2022. Now experience the benefits of generating conditional flow, previewing Flutter apps on the platform itself, working with a reimagined UI Kit, and more.

Read on to explore each enhancement in detail and get started to build apps instantly.

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Figma UI Kit

Provides a comprehensive design system, with styles and components according to DhiWise Figma guidelines to help you get started with your application UI Design, which helps you achieve better accuracy in generated code.


Screen Export

Already developing an application manually? And want to use DhiWise right in between your application? YES, now you can do it right here with Screen Export feature for a single as well multiple screens. Design and Code at the same time!

You can do it right here by exporting screens using DhiWise Figma-to-code Plugin.


Figma Plugin 2.0

With our advanced Figma Plugin now you can quickly convert your design to code. You can export selected screens with different code options like only UI or with associated skeleton code, and many more configurations.


Portability Reimagined

The new iterations make DhiWise builders portable and one-stop solutions to all your app development needs. Going forward, use DhiWise to generate code for dual apps, for design-to-code conversions, IDE code syncing, quick app simulations, and a lot more.


View Preferences, Redesigned

Looking to make your UI components more responsive? DhiWise now lets you bind API responses to each UI element or the entire layout, helping you get the preferred view across the mobile application.


Wrap Up

As a ProCode platform, our priority continues to be to make app development intelligent, easier, and even fun. And while DhiWise app builders are already making a difference, the newest iterations aim to improve the app quality and responsiveness.

But if you still aren’t sure how these features pan out, check out all the DhiWise app builders and get started with app building right away.