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Build, Deploy, and Scale your Apps at the Speed of Thought

Application backends can be tricky to put together. And even if you build them once, updating them is like opening a new can of worms. DhiWise Cloud helps you focus on the logic and core functionalities of the project by eliminating Git syncs, NPM installations, and server-side deployments en route to creating a scalable and detailed backend.

In turn, it offers you a space to host your backend application securely and efficiently. But that’s not it. Read on to know more about what DhiWise Cloud has to offer.

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Features that go beyond the basic


Choice of Deployment

Once you have built a Node.js app of choice, you can move it to the DhiWise cloud, depending on your choice of deployment. You can either deploy it in production and use it right away or deploy it in Sandbox to test APIs before the actual release.


Serverless, Right Away

Here is a secret! You need not worry about the backend’s server anymore. DhiWise Cloud has you covered and allows you to host and use the application without having to rely on a specific device or a platform. Once deployed, you can access the cloud version of the app via DhiWise generated URL.


Detail Intensive

DhiWise Cloud comes equipped with a dedicated Dashboard or interface that lets you in on server insights, including resource (CPU) usage, CRUD API calls/usage, and even the refreshable app logs. With these insights, you can keep monitoring the health, API frequency, and robustness of the concerned backend.


Better Control over Instances

Unlike server-specific backend deployment, DhiWise cloud lets you pause and even terminate deployed apps in production via one click. This way, you can end server deployment and free it up for any other backend service if and when required.



Here comes the most important aspect of DhiWise Cloud, which clearly relies on secure deployment. We follow the AWS-backed instance deployment on our virtual server as the go-to Safe guard with a focus on private IP configuration and configured security. This exclusive enhancement keeps direct attacks out of the equation, despite the app being on DhiWise server.

Quick Updates

DhiWise Cloud and the associated functionalities help make your app lighter, faster, and highly scalable, courtesy of the portable Change log, on-panel details, and support for API monitoring. These features make it easier to frequently update the back-end app without reinventing the wheel every time.


Above and Beyond the MVP

Making changes to Version 1 of your Node.js application is now easier than ever with DhiWise Cloud cutting out the intermediaries like the Git repositories, commits, NPMs, and more. Therefore, you can add new APIs, update Node.js models, permissions, and more without having to worry about slow inclusions.


Easiest Way to Test

Are you a fan of Sandbox testing? Well, DhiWise Cloud is one of the few SaaS resources to offer a clustered server for you to test the app API on. And yes, the Sandbox deployed app is accessible for 4 hours once added.


Why DhiWise Cloud is the Ultimate Backend Resource you can have?

The flexibility of having a dedicated backend for your mobile application hosted on a secure server is heartening. And while DhiWise Cloud offers the same, it goes one step further. It focuses on preferential serve usage (via stop and terminate), advanced security, and a comprehensive interface to help you access every aspect of the app without relying on anything else.