Execution of ideas require an environment to shape efficiency and effectiveness. DhiSutra is set of equations that provide a framework for everyone to achieve their best potential without being subjected to limitations of fancy quotes and misinterpreted theories.

{Work ethic}

Karma Sutra

Work ethic comes from within, everyone is special and has their unique way to operate. Karma Sutra is a tool that helps identify balance and achieve rhythm of work without being stressed about expectations and fear of being trapped in them.


Seva Sutra

Knowing what to do makes a person the king of self. Working with others requires the humility of a servant. Seva Sutra is a tool to find the synchronization with outer world. Service ethic is a tool to balance our best intentions and others’ best interests. Job with Seva Sutra is no longer a chore, but a joyful dance/raas.


Yoga Sutra

Dance of collective intelligence results in positive vibrations that rids the world of stagnation. Yoga Sutra is a tool to aspire for this and next generation, for our purpose is not limited to making the best of what we have, but also to leave a better world behind for the next generation.



Knowledge does not discriminate and helps us build a culture of integrity



  • Building futuristic products require a solid foundation of knowledge in present.
  • Millennial Paradox: People try to disrupt 60+ years old, highly dynamic industry with academic knowledge gathered over a few semesters and experience of few quarters in constant distraction.
  • Building a product for future generations requires a good idea of the present. The idea of the existing world has been narrowed by specialized knowledge and even specialized job descriptions.


  • Knowledge does not discriminate and helps us build a culture of integrity where Informed Captains are respected and rewarded more than pirates.
  • We want to build an environment where you can evaluate, improve and implement your knowledge in the best possible way


  • Decision-based on data and science builds confidence and trust.
  • Limited knowledge cannot build a complete product.
  • Our in-house PhD program encourages research and development for futuristic products.
  • We expect our employees to exchange more facts and less fiction, whenever possible.


  • Our employees should not be limited to knowledge accrued from academia and experience. We prefer our teams to be intelligent rather intuitive.
  • We discourage over-engineering, scientific expeditions where business value is weighed out by research..
  • Any situation with varying opinions should be boiled down to immutable truths of the industry and its science, if we can’t do that, we’re neither looking at the same problem nor will end up on an effective solution.
कर्म सूत्र