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5 open Roles

React Developer (Typescript)

Surat, Gujarat

We are looking for a React.js Developer to join DhiWise's React Builder team. The DhiWise React Builder is the most Vital user-facing component for developers and teams who are using DhiWise. The DhiWise React Builder is going to be a large and complex codebase and as frontend engineer your responsibilities will include challenging logical task, also continuous improvement in development experience.

Kotlin Developer

Surat, Gujarat

Key Responsibilities: - Analysing Figma Design and defining ways to identify Mobile and Web UI elements. - Architecting reliable, performant, and scalable Kotlin code. - Maintenance of existing code. - Identifying and managing the Complexity of Data and UI Identification algorithms. - Managing Internal and Cross team dependency. - Perform code reviews.

Design Engineer

Surat, Gujarat

As a Design Engineer at DhiWise, you will be an integral part of our design team, responsible for creating responsive, high-performing web pages. Your expertise in React, NextJS, various design system libraries, SEO performance strategies.

MERN Stack Developer (Payments and Subscriptions)

Surat, Gujarat

As a MERN Stack Developer, you will be a part of our Monetization team, working closely with cross-functional teams to develop and maintain our payment and subscription management systems. You will be responsible for both front-end and back-end development, ensuring high performance and responsiveness of our applications.

VS Code Extension Developer

Surat, Gujarat

The primary purpose of this role is to develop and maintain high-quality VSCode Extensions that enhance the user experience and meet business requirements. By leveraging your expertise in TypeScript, JavaScript, and various web technologies, you will contribute to the development of efficient and scalable software solutions. Your work will ensure that DhiWise products remain cutting-edge, intuitive, and impactful, ultimately driving the company's growth and success in the market.