DhiWise Ambassador Program

DhiWise Ambassadors are people who are passionate about DhiWise. They are also evangelists who would love to share their expertise of DhiWise within their communities to help other developers to build Apps with an all-new approach.


Meet our Ambassadors

Muhammad Salman

Muhammad Salman is a Tech Enthusiast working in the industry for the past 3 years. He is a passionate Mobile Developer and Data Analyst and has worked on many technologies/frameworks. He has worked as Mobile Team Lead and Trainer in different firms and currently working at Folio3 Pvt Ltd. He loves to contribute to developer communities.

His Contributions to DhiWise
Tanmoy Karmakar

Tanmoy Karmakar is a co-organizer at Flutter Kolkata and SDE-II [Flutter] at SaaS Labs. He loves to create contents related to Flutter and organizing events and meet-ups. Learning new ways to compliment Flutter development always amuses him.

His Contributions to DhiWise
Anil Sharma

Anil Sharma is a Mobility Expert who has 8+ years of experience. For the past 3 years Anil has been a Flutter practitioner and currently leads Flutter practices at Winjit Technologies. Anil loves to share his vast Flutter learnings with his colleagues and the developer community at large.

His Contributions to DhiWise

The Community that Counts: You and Us, Building DhiWise Together

Word of mouth travels the fastest. And here we are, acknowledging the messengers who get the word out about our offerings, features, flexibility, and everything else.

Represent Honestly

If you loved our offerings, share them with the bigger crowd. Make them know us, like the way you do. Organize events if you need to. We have you covered.

Focus on Create

Help your followers, friends, and family build the best possible apps using DhiWise as action speaks louder than words.

Reap Benefits

We pamper ambassadors with mentions, event sponsorships, and a wide range of offerings. What you get is still a surprise. But you should be trusting us now, right?

Program Benefits

Who doesn't want a token of appreciation?

Unlimited Access to DhiWise

Unlimited access to all DhiWise features during the Ambassador term of 1 year. Post 1 year, your association with us would be reconsidered.


We send out quite interesting stuff for you to show the world that you are a DhiWise user.

Personal Brand Creation

Content produced by you will be shown to all our website visitors and Medium subscribers. You also stand a chance to get featured in our monthly newsletters.


We will provide you with free DhiWise subscriptions to give away at Meetups hosted by you.

Be the first-mover in your local community

Flaunt that knowledge you have about DhiWise and inspire others to use the same for efficient app development

Shine in the Global Community

With DhiWise being famous all across the globe, one shout-out to your work on our social media can make you stand out from the crowd and make you a global sensation in the field of programming

What does a DhiWise Ambassador do?

Every ambassador gets a free all-access plan to try out each one of our features. And they only need to be active in their communities. Here is how our Ambassadors have been contributing:

Written Content

Sending out personalized newsletters, blogs, and op-eds with our product mentions.

Video Content

Are you a vlogger or content hobbyist? Regardless, every video-mention about DhiWise, and any of its features counts.

Live Streams

How about you live stream an app-building exercise using DhiWise? Sounds fun, right?

Talk Sessions

Talking about DhiWise across seminars or panel discussions is appreciated

App Integrations

You can always share your DhiWise insights as part of your in-app marketing strategy

We’re in this with you

As a DhiWise ambassador, you wear a badge of honor. Leading adoption across the communities and getting rewarded in the process.

We Support

It’s not just you doing the hard work. We have you back, offering lifetime access to DhiWise platform and every other tool you need.


We Back

Connect with us at any point in your content creation journey, and we will guide you through the doubts as seamlessly as possible.