Migrate Resources to Develop a More Configurable App

Have plans of making your app more responsive, scalable, and feature-packed? Consider deploying our on-platform Package Manager to access every file needed to develop and when projecting modules.

How a Package Manager Helps Developers?



Select Dependencies

DhiWise lets you choose external modules as per the software development lifecycle. Now choose between Dependency and DevDependency to make the libraries and modules functional either during runtime or during development.


Deploy NPM

Ensure that the packages are easy to find and install with Node Package Manager. DhiWise eliminates the need for package.JSON declarations, allowing you to simply choose the dependency, package name, and the URL or version number to migrate third-party packages into the system.


Custom Scripts

Now club runnable programs and commands with your application by selecting customer scripts in addition to packages! Simply enter a script name, corresponding command that helps run the code in a specific way, and save the executable code snippet to feature as a part of the generated source code.

Custom App Integrations

Enhance the functionality of your application by integrating custom packages and custom scripts, via the DhiWise Package Manager. You simply need to define the mandatory directives i.e. package name and version, and the Package Manager does the rest by migrating it from the root directory or GitHub repository.