Unsure as to how the app interfaces would flow from start to end!

Let our graphical, UI Builder help you with navigations, alerts, and screen transitions…

Why is Platform-Specific Navigator Important?

{Fast, Easy, and Interactive Control over Version 1}


Element-Specific Navigation

Have a screen with widgets ready to be worked on! Now select any element and set navigation or back navigation to redirect the same to another panel, upon clicking a particular button or feeding in certain details.


Alert Navigation

For API calls that route a specific page to the other, you can even set alerts for success and error in action handling. Plus, our Flutter Builder lets you define the alert message.


Snackbar Setup

Not interested in conventional alerts. Select the Snackbar widget exclusive to our Flutter builder and display any floating alert for a short period.


Toast Setup

Interested in setting up system notifications for users. Well, our Flutter Builder lets you select a Toast alert that primarily pops up at the lower end of the concerned device.

Prepare your application for every possibility…

Set navigations in a few clicks to determine the behavior of the entire application. Be it moving from one screen to the other or showcasing transient alerts for a given time, our Navigator lets you have better control over the MVP, to make the app more responsive and interactive in the first iteration.