Shun action-specific, repetitive coding, once and for all…

Deploy our iOS Builder to explore the clickable side of the navigation

How does the Navigation Controller make sense?

{Better app flow and Quick Implementations}


Click and Add

With our iOS Builder, you can simply select a screen, click on the element, and set back and push navigation, depending on the application logic and the preferred app flow.  You can set back navigation to symbols and push navigation to sign-up tabs that have been prepped well using the UITextField Validation.



In case you want to set up push navigation, our iOS Builder lets you select the screen that you want to push to, from the library. But there is more! You can even set the nature of transition, including in and out animation to make the hand-off a bit more per-formative.



You can even instruct any element or UI component to return an alert when clicked. Plus, our interface lets you define the name of the alert and author any relevant text that pops up on the screen when the concerned element is clicked.


Code Access

Every action or transition you select for the app gets ingrained at the code level. Also, you can simply select the ‘Code View’ button atop the screen and access the relevant view controller component to see the code, fitted with the pop and push navigation and alert intimations.

Now ensure that your iOS application is responsive enough…

Pick up the core components, navigable resources, and alerts for your application and quickly get them on board to get the MVP in the market in no time. Plus, our iOS Builder even keeps the code handy to help with scalability.